Why DMK must be defeated in TN? Check the answer from BJP!

Displaying that it has begun the full-fledged campaign in Tamil Nadu for the upcoming assembly polls, the Central ruling BJP has unfolded its signature drive of religion and language at the party's event in Tamil Nadu as it's bait to cover the voters in the poll-bounding state. Pressing the alliance with the state ruling ADMK, the BJP's event had all gone through the scenes of slamming the state opposition DMK and its alliance. 

BJP's Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM)- the party's youth wing, had on Sunday organized a conference in Salem district, Tamil Nadu. The Conference was attended by Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, BJYM National President and Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya, and hundreds of supporters and members of the party. During the address, the BJP leaders had flayed the DMK and its alliance for its anti-Hindu ideology. 

In his address, BJYM President Tejasvi Surya said that the DMK has become the anti-Hindu party and claimed that BJP's 'Hindutva' ideology must win if Tamil has to survive. Surya further stated that DMK doesn't represent Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu's young people, and the spirit of the state. By citing that the DMK has changed the definition of democracy in Tamil Nadu, the Chief of BJP's Youth-wing said that DMK's definition of democracy is 'of the family, by the family, for the family'. 

Surya claimed that BJP is the only party that respects and promotes all regional languages of India and appealed to the people to defeat DMK in the upcoming polls. He said, "DMK represents a bad, virulent ideology which is anti-Hindu. Every Tamil is a proud Hindu. This is the sacred land that has the highest number of temples in the country. Every inch of Tamil Nadu is sacred, but DMK is anti-Hindu, so we must defeat it". 

He asserted that, "If Tamil has to survive, Hindutva has to win. If Kannada has to win, Hindutva has to win. BJP represents the spirit of Tamil Nadu and Tamil language". "Today, all youth of Tamil Nadu must ask one question to the hypocrites of DMK- Hindu is bad, Hinduism is bad, Hindu beliefs are not there, but you want just Hindu votes?", Surya questioned as part of his language drive. He went on to claim that only one government under the Prime Ministership of Narendra Modi and the NDA leadership in Tamil Nadu can work for the benefit of the young people of Tamil Nadu. 

While addressing the conference, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that the success of BJP's Vetrivel Yatra in Tamil Nadu has shaken the DMK and the Congress. Referring to the BJP-ADMK alliance, the Defense Minister claimed that only the lotus-two leaves combination can bring prosperity to the Tamil Nadu people. The visit of the Union Minister and a conference of the party had gained significant attention as the Central ruling party has signaled that it is ready for the race in Tamil Nadu to emerge victoriously. 

The visit of Rajnath Singh has implied the prefix of the arrival of some of the big shots in the state to carry out the election campaign of the party. According to reports, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting Coimbatore on February 25 and again he will be visiting Chennai on March 1 to strengthen the party's campaign while some of the big shots including Amit Shah and Nirmala Sitharaman will also be visiting the state soon. The reports say that the talks for the seat-sharing and picking the candidates will also be on the table during Modi's visit to Chennai on March 1.