Why I joined BJP? Senior DMK MP's son opens up after joining the national party!

As we have reported on Saturday about senior DMK MP Tiruchi Siva's son Suriyaa Siva's plan to join the BJP, Suriyaa Siva has on Sunday - May 8 officially joined the BJP in the presence of Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai and senior leaders. The development has shocked the DMK in the midst of celebrating MK Stalin's one-year rule in the state. 

Upon joining the BJP, Suriyaa Siva has quickly begun to attack the DMK and claimed that the DMK is no longer a party for Tamils and that there was no place in the party for true and committed workers. Tiruchi Siva has been a senior parliamentarian and he has been serving as DMK's Propaganda Secretary. He has been an important voice in Delhi and the event of his son joining the BJP by slamming the DMK has been going viral. 

32-year-old Suriyaa Siva has vowed that he will work for the development of the BJP in Tamil Nadu. Speaking to The Hindu, Suriyaa said that DMK's strength was its cadre who are committed to the party and that the party didn't care about them. He said, "I have worked tirelessly for more than 15 years to strengthen the party from the grassroots level. But there is no recognition." He had accused the DMK of recognising only the newcomers and those who had good financial resources. 

Befriending the rival: DMK MP Tiruchi Siva's son Suriyaa Siva joins BJP in the presence of Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai - May 8, 2022


He claimed that the BJP is giving due recognition to everyone regardless of caste and community and that the national ruling party has a bright future in state politics. He had revealed that his relationship with his father Tiruchi Siva was not good since his interfaith marriage. He said that his father had refused to approve his marriage to a Christian woman, a decade ago. It must be noted that Suriyaa Siva had 2017 alleged that his father was trying to separate him from his wife. However, Tiruchi Siva had denied such allegations. 

After joining the BJP, Suriyaa had said that the DMK has no scope in the state. He went on to claim that he didn't join the BJP for a post. However, he said that he had expressed his interest to the BJP leaders that he is ready to take up any role bestowed on him by the party for the BJP's growth in the state. He further said that his father's association with the DMK won't affect his performance in developing the BJP across the state.