'This is why the movies of Ajith and Vijay fail': Scathing assertion from a veteran Tamil actor!

Veteran Tamil actor and producer Arun Pandian has on Sunday put out a scathing remark on why the movies acted by top stars Ajith and Vijay fail. He was speaking at an audio launch event that was held for the movie 'Aadhaar' starring Karunas. The event was held in a packed hall and it was attended by several directors and artists.

While speaking at the event, director Saravanan said that the Tamil cinema is in its golden period currently. However, countering his perspective, Arun Pandian said that the Tamil cinema was in the golden period when directors like Bharathiraja were making movies. He further said that the movies acted by Vijay and Ajith are getting flopped and in the front of the failure, Arun Pandian noted that their movies fail because these two actors get paid 90% of the movie's total budget as their remuneration. 

Arun Pandian further said as Ajith and Vijay are getting paid more, the quality of the movie is declining. He was speaking in a rough tone and his remarks had drawn huge attention. Following Arun Pandian, director Ameer took the podium and addressed the event during which he said that he won't back Arun Pandian's perspective. By citing that the technical artists are working effectively, Ameer said that no one should degrade the Tamil cinema. 

Responding to Ameer's comments, Arun Pandian said that the quality of the Tamil movie is getting decreased. After a brief argument between them, legendary director Bharathiraja had addressed the event during which he said he had supported Arun Pandian's remarks and said if the actors reduce their salaries and if the production cost is increased, a movie will be made with good quality. The director has also praised Telugu cinema for presenting magnificent movies.  

With differences of opinions, the audio launch event was filled with furores with more support for Arun Pandian's remarks that the movies of Ajith and Vijay fail because of their huge pay scale. Aadhaar movie is directed by Ramnath Palanikumar and while Karunas plays the lead role, Arun Pandiyan and Rithvika play important roles. Srikanth Deva has composed the music and it has been touted that the movie will be getting released directly on the OTT platform.