Why Tamil Nadu government wants the students not to ride two-wheelers to school?

With the view of curbing the growing culture of students riding bikes and two-wheelers to schools, the Tamil Nadu government has issued an emergency advisory notice to all Chief Education Officers in which it has asked the latter to instruct the schools not to allow students to ride bikes or other two-wheelers to schools. The government has cited that students below 18 should not ride bikes as per the law.

Speaking to a news agency, a senior official attached to the School Education Department has said that the advisory has come after a slew of complaints received against the students, especially the students of private institutions, for regularly coming to schools on bikes and scooters. The official said that the school management has been instructed to advise the parents against sending their children on bikes or scooters.

The department has also said that the teachers and parents should not allow students to grow in that fashion as driving bikes below the age of 18 is against the law. The school education department is also chalking out the plan to conduct awareness to the students to refrain them from using two-wheelers. On the other hand, the government has also given a separate notification to the Transport Department to ensure that the students do not travel on footboards in buses. 

The official said that the students were travelling on footboards and climbing ladders of the buses owing to the inadequate transportation from their places to the schools. Such risky travel has been increasing the possibilities of accidents. With the view of curbing such untoward events, the Transport Corporation should operate additional buses during the school timings and have special buses for girl students.

The notification has said that strict action will be taken against the bus driver and conductor if they found encouraging the students to travel on footboards. The reports say that the government has also instructed the schools to display banners of students who had died due to footboard travelling with the consent of the respective parents so that the students would themselves begin to avoid such risky travels.