Why VK Sasikala decided to quit politics? Shocking statement from her brother Dhivakaran!

While expelled ADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala was surfaced with a slew of reasons behind her sudden decision of quitting active politics ahead of the Tamil Nadu assembly polls, Sasikala's brother Dhivakaran had displayed a shocking statement of why she has made the decision and he alleged that her nephew Dhinakaran has pushed Sasikala to take the decision of staying off from politics. 

In what has become yet another example of a brewing rivalry between Dhivakaran and Dhinakaran, Dhivakaran had accused Dhinakaran of putting pressure on Sasikala. Speaking to a news agency on Thursday concerning Sasikala's decision, Dhivakaran referred to Dhinakaran and said, "Some people in our family think they are king and minister. Sasikala was with him (Dhinakaran) and he tried to force his decision on her and made arrangements for her to move away from politics."

Sasikala's brother stated that Dhinakaran had told her to give this statement of what she issued for announcing her decision. Dhivakaran had alleged that Dhinakaran has been claiming that he will be the Chief Ministerial candidate even if AMMK joins an alliance with ADMK and he reportedly put pressure on Sasikala to step out from politics. According to Dhivakaran, Dhinakaran has been planning for a long time to remove Sasikala and to come to power.

Dhivakaran said that Dhinakaran had accomplished that by removing Sasikala from politics. Dhivakaran had welcomed Sasikala's decision and said as her brother, he knows whether politics is important or her health and life and added that her decision will end all the problems. Dhivakaran had further shocked Sasikala's supporters by stating that Dhinakaran and his political intentions were the reason why Sasikala went to prison in 2017. 

Dhivakaran claimed that Dhinakaran had brainwashed Sasikala to take the post of the Chief Minister after the demise of Jayalalithaa. If Dhinakaran hadn't done that, Sasikala would have faced less punishment. Dhivakaran's statement has come a day after Sasikala announced that she is quitting politics. She announced her decision on Wednesday and said that she has decided to stay off from active politics with the view of establishing Jayalalithaa's golden rule in Tamil Nadu. 

In the statement, she said, "I have decided to stay off from active politics to ensure that the golden rule of Jayalalithaa is formed in the state. I am praying hard to my elder sister (Jayalalithaa) whom I consider as god and the God Almighty for establishing good governance". "The true followers of Amma should strive to fight against the evil DMK and aim to establish Amma's government. I will forever remain thankful for the Tamil Nadu people", she added. 

Her sudden decision had given an overwhelming shock to her supporters and members who hoped for her political resurgence. As Sasikala has aborted her assertion of plunging into active politics, her decision had stirred a fresh round of speculations and political debates of what's next and whether she would voice her support to AMMK even if she is not entering active politics. Her decision had undeniably surprised and disappointed many who thought of rising in politics under her banner. But if there is someone who relished her decision, it would be the current leaders of the ruling ADMK as Sasikala's wave has got weakened.