Will this counter from government lit off the protests?

While most of the government doctors in the state of Tamil Nadu have been camped under series of protests for the past five days by leaving the patients in the hospitals with no access to the basic and intensive care treatments, the health department of the state has now issued break of service orders on the protesting physicians under the grounds of causing uncertainty for the patients.



By issuing such orders on the doctors, the reports say that they will be left with no prospects on availing promotion, which is one of the demands behind their protests. It has been reported that thousands of government doctors across the state have been camping their strike since last Friday with the view of demanding the government to implement uniform pay system that equals the pay of Central government doctors. The reports say that the doctors annexed with various unions under the Federation of Government Doctors Association have been taking part in the strike by only attending the emergency cases in their respective hospitals by skipping their in patient and out patient duties and their absence from the duties is feared to cost more lives in the government hospitals, which house more Dengue affected patients in the state.



The reports had stated that their strike has been camped with the motive to flag their demands to unleash pressure to the government on implementing the Dynamic Assured Career Progression which proposes the equal and uniformity pay and promotions for the doctors where the scheme guarantees Band 4 salary for the doctors who had completed 13 years of service and commensurate promotions. 

The sources in the middle of the strike had indicated that the doctors union had collectively placed their concerns and disappointment on government's failure to resolve and to answer their demands after the timeline of six weeks that was requested by the government. While the doctors have been preparing to host their indefinite strikes which certainly left the people without having proper access for medications and treatments, the Directorate of Medical Education (DME) had issued the circulars to closely watch the strike where the circulars had warned the doctors on lapsing their duties and service at the high time when people have been storming with severe ailments. The reports had cited that through the circular, the director of Public health had cautioned the doctors on the widespread epidemic and called on the unions to withdraw the strikes to combat the deadly outbreak.



The state has been recorded with more than three thousand Dengue cases so far in this year and nearly five deaths were occurred and with the heavy downpour and indefinite strike from doctors would seemingly increase the numbers in the government hospitals with the lack of receiving timely treatments.