World's richest man gets even more richer: Jeff Bezos makes history! How COVID skyrocketed his wealth?

World's richest man is Jeff Bezos- this would likely be unchanged for more years and even for decades as the founder of Amazon has now attained the feat which even Bill Gates would find tough to reach after Bezos's wealth had skyrocketed to a new and in fact awe-inspiring high in a very short time even as the whole world is stumbling for revival from the plunging economy hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Before the pandemic stuck, precisely in January 2020, Jeff Bezos was worth $115 billion, the mark which already surpassed Bill Gates. The founder of the e-commerce giant had opened the year as the World's richest man and he would be closing the year with the rank that he would be decorating many more years as the world's richest man as in the span of seven months, Jeff Bezos's wealth had grown tremendously and he has now worth a whopping $200 billion through he has made a history of becoming the first billionaire worth more than $200 billion. 

What pandemic did for the rest of the world was far away from Jeff Bezos as the shares of his company had surged after the deadlock restrictions around the globe had driven people to rely on the global e-commerce giant from A to Z and at the time when the countries face difficulties in sailing forward, Bezos had seen $87 billion in his existing worth since January. 

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Jeff Bezos's wealth has reached an estimated $202 billion on Wednesday. The growth was attributed to the holdings that he has in Amazon and the company's stock is up about 25% over the last three months and 86% so far this year. His current fortune is estimated to be $90 billion more than Bill Gates, who is the second richest man after Jeff Bezos. 

Amazon has been the biggest resource of income for Jeff Bezos and besides Amazon, Bezos owns Blue Origin, the space travel company that he founded in 2000, and in 2013, he acquired The Washington Post newspaper, making his arm to stretch to the sky and around the world. Bezos had founded Amazon in 1994 and in three decades, he had shaped the firm to what it is now - the world's largest e-commerce firm and he also has invested in multimedia - Amazon Prime Video, which has become the fastest growing online streaming platform in the world. 

Jeff Bezos had become the world's richest person in 2017 and last month, his estimated net worth jumped to almost $172 billion. Along with Bezos, some of the other rich people had become richer amid the global pandemic as earlier this month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has become a centibillionaire as he is worth $100 billion. Jeff Bezos's fortune had pushed his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott (50) as through 25% share in Amazon had elevated Mackenzie to the world's second-richest woman. 

Tesla's Elon Musk had also become a centibillionaire after his net worth rose to $101 billion. As Jeff Bezos's worth attained a new high,  it also stirred the debate of income inequality as the prevailing disparity in the United States and 'rich becomes richer' has provoked sharp responses from many progressive politicians. 

US Senator Bernie Sanders has, on Wednesday, said, "We cannot continue to allow billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk to become obscenely rich while millions of Americans face eviction, hunger, and economic desperation". He stated, "Its time to fundamentally change our national priorities". According to the reports, the world's 500 richest people have gained $809 billion so far this year. Bill Gates, who is worth $116 billion, is the second richest man after Jeff Bezos.