A year in the wrong place: How this 16-year-old TN boy continued in Class 10 even after he was declared passed?

For 16-year-old Ganesh, who is a resident of Vellore, an entire has gone spending in the wrong place. Even though he was declared pass in Class 10, he had continued in the tenth grade the next year and the incident had come to light when he tried to obtain his exam ticket for the board exam. Under the charges of detaining him in the same class, the school's headmaster has been suspended.

According to reports, Ganesh, who is the son of Pushparaj, a daily wager, was studying Class 10 in the Valathur government higher secondary school in Vellore. While the state was grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic, the government had cancelled the board exams and ordered that all the students must be promoted to Class 11. As per the order, Ganesh must have gone to pursue Class 11, but he didn't. 

It has been reported that Ganesh wasn't informed about the government order and promotion and once the school was reopened, he had continued in Class 10 and he was in the same class, without knowing that he was declared passed, for an entire year. The school authorities had also failed to move Ganesh to Class 11 and after a year, Ganesh was getting ready to appear for the Class 10 board exams for the current year, 2021-2022. 

When Ganesh had tried to obtain his hall ticket online, his name didn't appear following which he had informed the teachers. After the verification, it came to the revelation that his name was missing as he had already been declared passed. When the incident came to light, the officials were flummoxed over how the class teacher and the subject teachers had failed to notice Ganesh in the class and inform him that he was declared passed and that his friends are promoted to Class 11. 

                         File photo: Ganesh 


Ganesh and his parents were shocked to know that an entire year is gone and he finally took the Transfer Certificate (TC) from the school after deciding to pursue technical studies in an ITI (Industrial Training Institute). Though the school officials had assured Ganesh that he will be allowed to move to Class 11, he had refused and moved out of the school. 

Following the incident, Munusamy, the Chief Education Officer of Vellore has on Thursday - May 5 ordered the suspension of the headmaster of the concerned school and the class teacher who was responsible for the class in which Ganesh was studying. It has also been reported that two other teachers will be facing departmental action under the charges that they had detained the student in the same class for the entire year, even though he was declared passed.