"Yes... Seeman had tortoise meat at Srilanka" - says another director!

Although Seeman, the Tamil Nationalist and Chief Coordinator of Naam Tamilar Katchi, has strongly been engineering his political policies and agendas against the Dravidian parties, his fierce speeches and statements would, most often, spurred huge controversies and disputes that some times ended up being sarcastically trolled and criticized.

One of such speeches that still prevails to indicate Seeman is his statement in which he openly admitted and confessed that he had tortoise meat when he visited the Liberal Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) camp in Sri Lanka sometime in the 2000s when the island nation was going through the civil war. Seeman said that he received great hospitality from the leaders of the LTTE and he was served with the tortoise meat. 

                            Seeman - File photo


Despite most of the Tamil Nationalists had disputed with his speech, Seeman repeatedly pressed that he ate tortoise meat while addressing the open stages and the campaign trails. By accepting that, he also stated that he even had pork and the other meats. He has been a strong supporter of LTTE and its late leader Prabhakaran. Recently, when we interviewed Tamil director N.K.Kandi, for his next movie 'Day Knight' that is going to hit the screens on February 14th, 2020,  he revealed that Seeman was served with tortoise meat when he visited Sri Lanka.

Kandi was one of the closest aides for Seeman and previously he directed 'Kettavan' movie that was starred by Simbu but this movie was eventually dropped due to financial issues and he directed 'Ellalan' movie that was shot at in Sri Lanka. Kandi said that when he was in Sri Lanka, Seeman came to the country and stayed there for nearly 15 days.

Director N.K.Kandi while revealing the fact that Seeman had tortoise meat


He claimed that Seeman received great hospitality from the leaders of LTTE and he was served with Tortoise meat and he asserted that Seeman's statements were factual as he was there with the politician in Sri Lanka. N.K.Kandi was previously called Nandhu and he changed his name recently. He has now directed the movie 'Day Knight' and it was produced with a minimum budget and it was completely filmed in Australia. Seeman was one the strongest critics of all the parties including BJP and has been voicing against  Actor Rajinikanth.