You must know: Big warning from Superstar Rajinikanth and the reason behind it!

With the view of curbing the trend of commercial exploitation against him, superstar Rajinikanth has issued a warning on the infringment of his personality rights. The notice, that came from the actor's advocate S Elambharathi, warned of legal action against those who are exploiting any unique elements of the actor's personality for commerical purposes without acquiring his consent. 

Elambharathi issued a public notice warning of civil and criminal consequences against such people who are found to be infringing upon the actor's personality, including his voice, image, name, and his other unique mannerisms. According to IANS, the notice was issued on Saturday - January 28 and Rajinikanth's counsel has pressed that only the actor has the control over the commerical utilisation of his personality, name, voice, and image. 

Highlighting the reason behind the warning, the notice further said that several mediums, platforms, and manufacturers are drawing misappropriation to the actor's name, his image, voice, caricature and artisitic images, and computer-generated images to cause confusion among the public and to persuade them to buy their products or to access their medium.

The notice cited that such events misuse the actor's name and his mannerisms and that any of such commerical exploitation would be countered legally. By citing that such unauthorised use of images without prior permission leads to deception, the two-page notice stated that no one could exploit the actor's name, voice, image, and his mannerisms commercially in any manner without his consent or express authorisation.

"His charisma and the nature as an actor and human being has earned him the title of 'Superstar' called by millions of his fans across the world. The sheer proportion of his fan base and his respect across the film industry is unmatched and indisputable. Any damage or violation to his reputation would entail great loss to our client having its effect over many spheres", the notice opined.