You must know: Robust guidelines to TN teachers to ensure kids achieve basic literacy by 2025!

Days after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin launched the 'Ennum Ezhuthum' scheme, the state government has issued a pack of robust guidelines to the teachers with the task of ensuring that the students must attain basic literacy by 2025, which is the motive of the scheme. The guidelines would be targeting the children above the age of eight years in the state to empower them with basic literacy and numerical ability.  

According to reports, the directorate of elementary education of the state government has sent elaborate guidelines to teachers for achieving the goal of the 'Ennum Ezhuthum' scheme. The elementary education department under the school education has directed all the district education officers to ensure that the Ennum Ezhuthum scheme reaches all the elementary teachers.  

The circular of the school education department has said that the morning prayer is compulsory and the prayer session should include reciting 'Tamil Thai Vazhthu', Thirukural teachings with their meaning, and birthday wishes to the students. The schools should also encourage the students to read news and general knowledge-related materials in English every Tuesday and Thursday. 

It has also instructed the teachers that the students from Classes 1 to 3 must be trained in phonic sounds, addition, and multiplication tables, puzzles, and storytelling in the morning time. Arts and crafts must be taught in the afternoon time and students must compulsorily be made to play games to identify their talent in the sport. 

The circular has further instructed the teachers that the students of Classes 4 and 5 must be encouraged to participate in solo acting, plays, library sessions, and reading children's magazines, newspapers, and general knowledge books. These students should also be trained in music, arts, and dance. It has been reported that the school education department has planned to provide movies to the schools that are to be screened for the students. 

The teachers across the state are also advised to ensure that their students are getting involved in literary club activities to enhance their leadership skills. Speaking to IANS, a senior official attached to the school education department said that the Chief Minister's Office is keen that the Ennum Ezhuthum project is implemented properly and results are produced by 2025. 

With the mammoth task, the District Educational Officers and the department officials have taken the baton of implementing the scheme successfully to attain the target by 2025. It is pertinent to note that the scheme is the dream project of Chief Minister MK Stalin and his administration aims to achieve basic literacy for children above eight years of age within its current term.