You must know: Why director Bala decided to drop Suriya out of his next project 'Vanangaan'?

For the Tamil cinema fans, it was bolt from the blue moment when they saw a statement from director Bala about dropping the national-award winning actor Suriya from his next project 'Vanangaan'. The project was announced earlier this year and earned a massive reception as Suriya has collaborated with one of his favourite directors. 

It was their first collaboration in twenty years - precisely, after the 2003 blockbuster hit 'Pithamagan'. The posters of Vanangaan were released during Bala's birthday and the fans had huge expectations on the project. When the movie-making was on the floors, Bala's announcement from nowhere had shocked the fans after he said that Suriya has been dropped off from the project. 

In a statement that he issued on Sunday, director Bala said that though he wished to direct Vanangaan with his 'younger brother' Suriya, the changes in the story have raised a doubt whether it will be suitable for Suriya. The statement further reads, "Suriya is completely trusting me and on story. As my brother has more affection, respect, and trust on me, it is my responsibility that no embarrassment would occur to him." 

"Therefore, we have unanimously decided that Suriya will leave from the Vanangaan movie. Though he (Suriya) is saddened, the decision was made in his best interest. The Suriya I saw in Nandha and the Suriya you saw in Pithamagan will definitely join us in another moment. Otherwise, the shooting of Vanangaan will continue", Bala added in his statement. 

As such exists of Suriya were once in a blue moon, Bala's statement had caught into the wave of virality and the fans comment that it would further put him in a setback at a high time when his previous projects didn't do well. Moreover, Suriya's 2D Entertainment initiallyagreed to bankroll Vanangaan, but following Suriya's exit from the movie, the production house also has left the project. 

Taking to Twitter, 2D Entertainment wrote, "Suriya and 2D Entertainment are exiting from Vanangaan by giving respect to the feelings and decision of our elder brother Bala. We will forever stand in solidarity with elder brother Bala." As per these announcements, the fans have embraced a disappointment over Suriya's exit, which made them to wait more to relish their collaboration.