You must know: Why veteran actor Bhagyaraj is expelled from the Actors' Association?

(This article is authored by Alar) 

In an unanticipated piece of news, veteran actor and filmmaker of Kollywood, Bhagyaraj has been expelled from the South Indian Artists' Association on the grounds of indulging in indisciplinary conduct. The expulsion has come based on a complaint from a section of members concerning his conduct. The body is currently led by actor Nassar, who is the Chief while actor Vishal has been serving as the General Secretary. 

According to reports, the Artists' Association wrote to Bhagyaraj in August to address a number of issues around him and he was asked to respond promptly to the association before taking action. The letter stated, "You have been disseminating false and untrue opinions about the administration of the Actors' Association and the elections while the newly elected administrators have taken office." 

"You committed this act of disrepute at the behest of a few fellow members with the intent to jeopardize the executives running the association's social standing. You are breaking the association's rules by doing this", the letter added. Bhagyaraj was asked to respond to the letter about why he shouldn't be expelled from the association. The letter further said, "The explanation must be given in 15 days and if you do not provide an explanation, action will be taken."

The South Indian Actors Association has taken further action by suspending both Bhagyaraj and Udaya for a period of six months from membership in the organisation. Rule 13 of the actor association union states that members are not allowed to criticise the union in messages or letters to other members. As a result, the actors were expelled from the actor's union. 

In June 2019, the South Indian Actors Association elections were held. Both the Shankaradas team, led by K. Bhagyaraj, and the Pandavar team, led by Nasser, participated in this. The counting of the votes cast in this election has been prohibited by the Madras High Court. As a result, the votes cast in the Actors' Union elections were disregarded for a period of two and a half years. On March 20 after that, the votes cast by the actors' union were tabulated. Nasser the actor's team from Pandavar won and was elected to office.