'7' & '3' call it as a day on 74th I-Day! Which one of these knocks by Dhoni and Raina is favorite to you?

The Indian Cricket fans have ended the 74th Independence day with a shock after the headlines surfaced on the televisions across the country from nowhere had got massive attention as it carried the news of the back to back announcements of the retirement from the cricket stars that nation looked up to as the legendary players - MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina. 

The announcements of retirement from Captain Cool and one of his trusted commanders had come within an hour when they both have been camped in Chennai for training ahead of the IPL 2020. MS Dhoni has been considered as a messiah for the contemporary Indian cricket with achieving the feat that wasn't achieved by any other Indian captains. 

Often nicknamed as Captain Cool and Master of strategies, MS Dhoni had accomplished the team's mission at home and overseas and he had earned interminable love and respect from the fans for giving the finest and gentle sport and he has played a pivotal role in reforming the Indian cricket team from it was before his entry to where it is now and the battlefields hold testament for what he accomplished and how he inspired millions. Dhoni is the only captain in the history of Cricket to win all the ICC Trophies -World Cup, T20, and Champions Trophy. 

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While Dhoni, whose jersey number is 7, has announced the retirement from the International Cricket on August 15, one of the trusted commanders in Dhoni's fleet Suresh Raina, whose former jersey number in 3 in Team India, has also announced his retirement minutes after his captain. As the back to back announcements had shocked the cricket fans, let's recap some of their top, 'don't mess with them', and memorable plays on the field that knocked out the opponents. 

Dhoni's five most memorable and relishing ODI innings:

1) 148 against Pakistan in 2005- Dhoni came to the spotlight when his play ruled out the neighbor. It was Dhoni's maiden ODI century. The Indian team was playing the second match of the six-match series in Vizag in 2005. 158 runs that came from his bat had defeated the rival and he was conferred with the Man of the Match award and this knock has seeded his future, and in fact, India's future.

2) 183 not out against Sri Lanka in 2005 in Jaipur - With the same strength and charisma, Dhoni came to the crease with what was one of the tough targets. India needed to score 298 in 50 overs. After the exit of the master blaster, Dhoni had shown that he's here to stay for more years. He smashed the Sri Lankan bowling line and scored 183, leading to the team's victory. It is still Dhoni's highest score in the ODIs.

3) 124 against Australia in 2009 - Dhoni became a savior of Team India in this match as it was faltering against the Aussies in the series. Dhoni knocked 124 runs off 107 balls and took the team's score past 350, letting the team win in 99 runs. Mahi was bestowed with the Man of the Match award as this inning has been one of the milestones of the legendary captain.

4) 91 not out against Sri Lanka in World Cup final in 2011- It was a perfect knock from the captain as Dhoni carried the hope of billions to lift up the World Cup which the nation waited for over 28 years. His game was another example of why the Indian fans don't have to worry when Dhoni is in the middle. One of his best plays, Dhoni has finished the game in style by sending the ball to the middle of the ground and by giving the World Cup to the country. 

5) 113 not out against Pakistan in 2012 - The Indian team was playing Pakistan in a 3-match ODI series at home. The first match was hosted by Chennai and India batted first. To the shock of the fans, the host country lost 5 wickets with only 29 runs on the board.  Dhoni came to the pitch with tremendous responsibility. He had shown the rivals that India would withstand no matter of pressure. He knocked 113 runs off 125 balls and India has completed full 50 overs. Though Pakistan won the match, Dhoni won the Man of the Match. 

Dhoni and Suresh Raina inculcated us what teamwork means! Here are some of the most memorable partnerships of the duo who had a perfect and friendly bond on and off the field,

1) 82-run partnership vs Sri Lanka in Pune 2005, ODI- Both Dhoni and Raina were new entry to Team India and it was the first match they told the bowlers don't mess with them. With the much-needed partnership of 82 runs, they sailed the team successfully and gave a victory. 

2) 110-run partnership vs New Zealand in Napier in 2009, ODI- The Kiwis had gone astonished to see the partnership from No 7 and No 3 in their home ground. Amid a rainy day, the duo didn't spare any bowlers of New Zealand as Dhoni knocked 84 runs off 89 balls while Raina scored 66 runs off 39 deliveries, and in their partnership, India added 110 runs on the board, leaving Kiwis to return to pavilion with the defeat. 

3) 144- run partnership vs Sri Lanka, Colombo in 2008, ODI- It was the match where they glued their partnership with the able capabilities to take on any bowlers and any balls. The duo had scored 144 runs together against the Lankans and took India's score to 258, which Lankans found difficult to give back to India and ended up scoring 212. 

4) 169-run partnership vs England in Lord's in 2011, ODI - Dhoni and Raina's pair has become one of the dangerous partnerships in the world and they proved it again by toasting the English bowlers in a hotty day. They put 169 runs on board with Dhoni scoring 77 off 69 balls and Raina with 83 off 74 balls. With the fierce batting, India ended its innings by scoring 280. However, the host country had given back the visitors after winning the game. 

5) 196* - run partnership vs Zimbabwe, Auckland in ICC CWC, 2015- From nowhere, the African team had given a tough competition in the world cup tournament and they also have shown India a sign of a defeat. When India took over Zimbabwe, the latter had finished the top order of men in blue by taking four wickets before India reached 100 runs on the board. However, fans watching the game back home didn't have worry as Dhoni was still there. Captain Cool joined Raina and shown the opponent don't mess with them, again. They played in their style and added 196 runs- one of the highest partnerships to India with Raina scoring a century and Dhoni made 85 off 76 balls and the output, India won. 

When Dhoni and Raina were on the field, they answered the hope of billions as their bond was something special for every fan. They played dual roles of a finisher and executor and Raina has been one of the trusted weapons in Dhoni's fleet that this pair would be unstoppable on the greenfield. The duo had made debut one after the other, ruled the grounds one after the other, won the hearts one after the other, given victories one after the other, and retired one after the other, as their retirement announcement had saddened their fans and fraternities and India would deeply be missing these two 'Men in Blue' at the international arenas. 


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Dhoni and Raina leave behind the golden legacy carved with teamwork, commitment, love, and respect to their sport and giving more memorable, finest, gentle, and coolest sport and memories for the fans across and beyond the borders. The duo is currently preparing for the upcoming IPL season which would be hosted by the UAE in September and October and these two legends will be playing for the Chennai Super Kings. For the fans, keep your love and memories, and leave some pages in your books to fill more memories and knocks as these two legends will soon going to rock and roar as 'Men in Yellow' on the field as 'Thala' (Dhoni) and 'Chinna Thala' (Raina), their fan-made names and now its time to thank the stars for what they have given us and for Team India in their unparalled career and its time for a whistle for what they are going to give as 'Men in Yellow'.

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