ADMK hosts General Council meeting as planned: Both EPS and OPS to attend with big setbacks!

After the episodes of clashes, furores, and legal battles, the ADMK has been hosting its General Council meeting on Thursday - June 23 at a private hall in Vanagaram, Chennai. Being the opposition party of Tamil Nadu, the magnitude of the ADMK's leadership crisis has recently been burst out with both the top leaders O Panneerselvam (OPS) and Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) has waged a war to take over the command of the party. 

The party has decided to organize the General Council meeting on June 23 in which EPS has mulled proposing the resolution for a single leadership, supporting his elevation as the party's General Secretary, the post that both the leaders annulled five years back on the grounds that it has been reserved only to the party's late supremo J Jayalalithaa. As EPS has planned to renew the bylaws, OPS and his faction battled against the move and pitched to retain the dual leadership. 

Amid the discussions and parleys, both the factions had fought a legal battle at the Madras High Court after OPS has sought the order to stop the conduction of the General Council meeting. However, both the leaders had big legal setbacks on Wednesday with the High Court order to conduct the General Council meeting, which was a setback to OPS and it has further banned the talks for single leadership at the meeting, which has become a setback for EPS. After the court banned the talks of the single leadership, the supporters of OPS had welcomed the order and celebrated it. 

Along with the setbacks, the order has also poured a breather for both leaders. In an unprecedented fashion, the Madras High Court had a midnight hearing on Wednesday and passed an order at 4 am on Thursday in which it banned the talks of the single leadership in the key meeting. The court has directed the party not to adopt any resolutions on unitary leadership. According to reports, the special division bench, headed by Justices M Duraiswamy and Sunder Mohan, said in its order passed that only the 23 resolutions that have already been prepared by the party can be adopted during the General Council meeting. 

Earlier on Wednesday, the High Court has allowed the party to conduct the meeting by refusing to interfere in the party proceedings. Ahead of the order, under the direction of EPS, the party has made arrangements for the General Council meeting and hundreds of cadres from across the state had arrived in Chennai to pour a rousing welcome to their leaders. Several banners with both EPS and OPS were erected across the state as Tamil Nadu was watching the high-voltage political drama. 

The key road connecting the venue hall has been flooded by more vehicles since the morning hours of Thursday - June 23 as a sea of ADMK functionaries are arriving for the meeting. The visuals from the scene have shown that hundreds of vehicles are snailing as the traffic gridlock is been visible for over five kilometres. Several cadres have turned into impersonators of the late leaders' MGR and Jayalalithaa. The meeting would see EPS and OPS meeting together for the first time since the latest tussle began at the party.