ADMK's new hope... BJP's new aim! Is Tamil Nadu going to face early elections?

While the state of Tamil Nadu has been reeling through the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic and the hardships levied on people in the wake of the lockdown, the state ruling ADMK party has been aiming to roll out the legislative elections in the state by the year-end as an early swing before the current assembly marks its fullest term of five years.

The ruling party is playing on the political court behind the cameras while standing on the war-field against the COVID-19 before the cameras and Chief Minister and ADMK's joint coordinator Edappadi Palaniswami is hoping to hit the campaign trail and conduct the elections by December 2020 with having no surety on when the state would a COVID-19 free state. 

According to our sources, the Chief Minister has appealed to the Indian Election Commission to conduct the early polls in the state at the same time when the commission conducts legislative elections in Bihar later this year. The country's Cheif Election body has asked the Tamil Nadu ruling party on whether it will contain the spread of the virus within this year amid soaring high cases.

The election commission hasn't assured and Edappadi Palaniswami hopes that he would get a back from the Central ruling BJP party on conducting early elections. However, Modi's camp seemingly has a different plan when it comes to the upcoming elections in the state. The BJP is eyeing to augment its base in Tamil Nadu before it faces elections so that the base would yield pro-BJP grounds in the state. 

After learning that ADMK has been looking to conduct early polls, our sources stated that Union Home Minister Amit Shah has discussed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on conducting the elections. The Prime Minister has declined the grounds for the early elections by citing the prevailing financial stress and ailing economy in the wake of the lockdown. 

File photo: (L-R) Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah wave their hands to the party members in Delhi


The states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry, and West Bengal will be going to face the legislative elections by May -June next year. However, the Center is aiming to defer the elections at least for six months to balance the economic crisis. The state ruling parties won't get the extension to run the state beyond the five-year term and the BJP is planning to impose Governor's rule in these states including Tamil Nadu for six months and the Central party is aiming to enhance the base of BJP in these states before hitting the campaign trail. 

The Chief Minister has made a similar request to the Center in April this year on conducting the early polls by December 2020 and despite having no MLAs in the state assembly, BJP has been aiming to cement the base through the state ruling ADMK party as the duo observes close ties. It has sparked speculations on whether Tamil Nadu goes for early elections and on how strong the ruling party is prepared, amid the controversies, to face the elections with having no surety when the ongoing crisis will come to an end.