ADMK's tug-of-war: OPS calls out VK Sasikala and Dhinakaran for a strong pull to defeat the EPS faction!

In the midst of a legal battle to take over the party, ADMK's O Pannneerselvam (OPS) is making moves to defeat his rival Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) and the latter's cohort in the tussle for the leadership. One of the biggest political movements in Tamil Nadu, ADMK has been witnessing shocking twists and turns for several years between the top two leaders over reigning the party. 

Recently, EPS and OPS have fired each other from the party and while EPS has been elevated as the party's interim General Secretary, OPS is posing that he will no way pay heed to the EPS faction and to take back the control of ADMK, OPS is planning to reap the support from VK Sasikala and TTV Dhinakaran and he has called them to join his side for a strong pull in the tug-of-war to defeat EPS. 

By drawing a reunion with whom he revolted years back, OPS is exhibiting two clear targets - one is to curb the growth of EPS and the other is to revive the support from his base and his community. As the whole state is watching the developments around the ADMK, the grassroots cadres are left in a lurch with having no clear sight of who is leading the real ADMK. The attempt from OPS to reach out to VK Sasikala has come when he filed the petition of appeal against the court order that permitted EPS to possess the keys to ADMK's headquarters in Chennai. 

Speaking to the reporters, OPS supporter Kovai Selvaraj has said, "OPS is planning to hold a counter general council soon and a mega public meeting is also planned. We have been instructed by the party coordinator OPS to look into the areas and wards where the party's vote share has declined in the recently-held local body polls. We are in the process of rebuilding the party."  

DT Next has quoted the sources with the OPS faction saying that OPS has asked the newly appointed district secretaries to review the party works. OPS has recently held incessant meetings with his trusted aides and he also has consented his aides to pursue the plan of reviving the friendship with the supporters of expelled ADMK leader VK Sasikala and her relative TTV Dhinakaran, who started the party 'Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam' after getting ousted from ADMK. 

There were signs recently on how the OPS faction is nearing Dhinakaran's camp. When Dhinakaran has visited Theni, the home turf of OPS, recently, the latter's supporters have poured a huge reception to Dhinakaran to the district and several cadres of OPS faction across the state have decided to offer a similar fashion of welcome for VK Sasikala and Dhinakaran. 

On the other hand, VK Sasikala has asked her supporters to bridge the gap with the factions in ADMK that are dissenting against the EPS camp. The reports suggest that horse trading is getting beefed up behind the screens as the supporters of Sasikala have been reaching out to the leaders in the EPS camp to come to their side and akin to such talks, the leaders from the EPS camp have been in talks with the dissenting members in the OPS and Sasikala camps to support Palaniswami-led ADMK.