ADMK's unending drama: EPS and OPS play a new episode by expelling each other from the party!

In ADMK, the curtains were grimed as the leadership tussle has become an unending drama with the top two leaders Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) and O Panneerselvam (OPS) have been playing fresh and tumultuous episodes. In a new episode on Monday - July 11, both EPS and OPS have expelled each other from the party to draw a screenplay exhibiting that the party remains under their control. 

On Monday, ADMK convened the party's General Council meeting in Vanagaram, Chennai. While OPS and his key supporters have boycotted the meeting, EPS has got a political elevation as the party has appointed him as ADMK's interim General Secretary and the General Council meeting has passed a handful of resolutions in which the party has removed major powers from OPS and handed them over to EPS. After passing the resolution of elevating EPS, the party has proposed and adopted the resolution of expelling OPS from the party.

In what has become a special resolution, the party has further removed OPS from the primary membership. While the ouster has spurred outrage from the supporters of OPS, the EPS-led ADMK went on to remove the close confidantes of OPS-  R Vaithilingam, Manoj Pandian, and JCD Prabakar. When OPS was removed from the party, he was at the ADMK head office in Royapettah with his supporters after he sieged the premises.

Hundreds of supporters from the OPS faction had burnt the effigies of EPS at the head office and removed the banners of EPS. The protesters stormed into the ADMK office building and vandalized the properties. The visuals from the scene had shown that OPS and Vaithilingam standing on the balcony, where Jayalalithaa used to stand, and they had shown a victory symbol to showcase that the party remains under their control and that EPS has unilaterally decided to conduct the meeting. 

Reacting to the expulsion from the posts and from the party, OPS said that he was elected as the Coordinator by 1.5 crore party workers and that neither Palaniswami nor anyone has the right to expel him.  In return, OPS has announced that he is expelling EPS and senior leader KP Munusamy from the party. While addressing the reporters, Panneerselvam said that EPS and Munusamy cannot violate party bylaws and that they do not have the power to expel him.

OPS further said that he and his supporters will approach the court seeking justice. On the other hand, while the General Council meeting has brought the resolution to oust OPS, the packed hall had welcomed it as the General Council members demanded that OPS must be sacked from the party. Several leaders have come down hard on OPS. Speaking at the General Council meeting, senior ADMK leader KP Munusamy said that a separate chair has been reserved for OPS in the meeting. However, OPS has boycotted the meeting and gone to the ADMK office with the goons. 

Senior leader and former minister Thangamani said, "OPS has been working to destroy this political movement. We must think whether the party needs someone like him who betrayed the party." According to reports, the members of the General Council had also demanded to remove OPS from the party. Speaking after presenting the resolution to expel OPS, senior ADMK leader Natham Viswanathan said, "O Panneerselvam has a dual face. He doesn't want anyone to have a good life. He is jealous and I am happy that he is out now." "We won't take rest till we make Edappadi Palaniswami the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu", Viswanathan added.