Amid deadlock, Farmers prepare for next stage of protests! Unveils their new decision

As the Central government is still stubborn to show a favorable sign of meeting the sole demand of thousands of farmers, the leaders of the agitating peasants have come up with the new decision of intensifying the protests across the nation till the Center meets their demand of repealing three controversial farm bills. 

The protesting farmers had on Thursday vowed that they will block the railway tracks across the nation if their demands are not met. Thousands of farmers from several parts of the country particularly from Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh have been protesting in Delhi continuously for over two weeks and the unprecedented protests in the national capital have been sending heatwaves across the country as several opposition parties and trade unions had sent support and solidarity to the farmers. 

With the strong tenacity, the farmers had shown no sign of backing off from the protests until their demands are met and with the repeated failures of talks with the Central government, the peasants have been vowing to expand their protests beyond Delhi to across the nation. On Thursday, the leaders of the protesting groups had held a meeting to discuss about expanding the agitation following the meeting, the farmers had announced that they had decided to block railway tracks across the nation. 

Speaking to reporters at the Singhu Border in Delhi, where they have camped their protests for over two weeks, the unions of the protesting farmers said that they will intensify the protests across the nation and they will block the railway tracks if their demands of repealing the farm laws are not met by the government. The farmers said that they will soon announce the date of blocking tracks across the country. They also threatened that they will block all highways leading to the national capital. 

Boota Singh, who is one of the leaders of the protesting farmers, said, "We will block railway tracks if our demands are not met. We will decide on the date and announce it soon. The blocking of tracks will not be limited to Haryana and Punjab but it will be done across the country". Another leader said that the Central government doesn't have a right to make laws on agriculture if it is a state subject. The farmers had held Bharat Bandh- a nationwide strike on Tuesday during which thousands of trade unions and dozens of political parties had supported them in their strike. 

As the farmers had come up with the new decision of blocking the railway tracks two days after the nationwide strike, it had shocked the Center which has been caught under fire as the farmers had given it a single option of repeal the farm laws if it wishes to see backing off from the protests. The announcement from the farmers on their new decision has come in parallel to the appeal made by Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar to come for talks.

According to reports, Tomar has on Thursday said that it was not proper to announce the next stage of agitation when talks are in process and the Union Minister had urged the farmers to return to the negotiation table. Tomar further urged farmer union leaders to consider proposals sent to them to break the deadlock over protests and asserted that the government is ready for further discussions with them any time. In that proposal, the government had given a written assurance for the farmers that the existing MSP (Minimum Support Price) regime for procurement will be in place. 

However, the farmers had eventually rejected the proposal and vowed that they would intensify their agitation until the Center pay heed to their demand for a complete abrogation of the three farm laws, which the peasants fear that these laws will be menacing their lives and livelihoods and these bills will allow private players on the agricultural fields, which will harm and destroy the grounds of MSP for their produce. 

The bills were passed by the Center in September this year and the farmers have been rolling out some forms of agitations since then to demand the center to repeal the laws. Five rounds of talks between the Center and farmers have been completed but none had seeded amicable resolution as farmers are demanding the Center to answer them in Yes or No towards repealing the bills while the Center had said that the bills can't be repealed. As the impasse continues with no conclusion, the farmers are advancing their protests.