Amit Shah had made it clear to farmers... What was unfolded at the crucial meet called by the Home Minister?

The crucial meeting called by Union Home Minister Amit Shah with farmers on Tuesday after the Bharat Bandh had ended with no potential conclusion of mitigating the large-scale protests of farmers after the Central government had reiterated that the abrogation of three farm laws is not possible with Amit Shah making it clear to the farmers that the government will not repeal the farm laws. 

The leaders of the protesting farmers had strongly vowed that they will intensify the protests till the government pays heed to their collective demand of repealing the controversial farm bills. The peasants from several parts of the country particularly from North Indian states had camped in Delhi and have been unfolding what the nation has never witnessed in recent times. The protests from the farmers had reached its 14th straight day on Wednesday and at the current state, the days would be getting counted as the peasants had shown no sign of backing off from their agitation. 

The farmers' unions had observed Bharat Bandh- a nationwide strike on Tuesday from 11 am to 3 pm and the strike was largely supported by several trade and labor unions and dozens of political parties. With nationwide solidarity, the farmers across the country had rolled out the protests to gain the national attention to their agitation and their demand for repealing the farm bills. 

The nation had witnessed a large disruption in the movements of vehicles and commercial activities as the truck transports were suspended across the country by the All India Motor Congress Union to show their support to farmers and thousands of shops in Delhi and several parts had remained closed. 

Amid the strike, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had called for a late-night meeting on Tuesday with the farmers to end the protests. However, the drama of another episode of the meeting had closed its curtains with neither reaching consensus nor an amicable resolution. With no favorable answers from the Center and amid the failures of repeated episodes of talks, the farmers had said that they would be boycotting another round of talks that was scheduled on Wednesday - December 9. As the meeting with the Home Minister has failed, the farmers pressed that they would settle for nothing less than the scrapping of the farm laws. 

According to reports, Amit Shah had called for the late-night meeting in a bid to bring the unprecedented protests to an end. However, his bid has failed to attain the solution between the farmers and the Central government and as the farmers are pushed to keep yearning that the government would meet their demand, they had decided to intensify the agitation until the farm laws are repealed. 

Speaking to a news agency, Shiv Kumar Kakka, who is the president of Rashtriya Kisan Mazdoor Mahasangh said that Amit Shah, at the meeting, had requested the farmers to end the protests and stated that the government will send a proposal in writing. Some of the farmers had questioned the Home Minister why they were ignored by the government in seeking opinions about the farm laws when these reforms were passed. The reports say along with Amit Shah, three Union Ministers - Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Railways and Food Minister Piyush Goyal, and Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Som Prakash had attended the meeting. 

Following the meeting that ended around midnight, All India Kisan Sabha general secretary Hannan Mollah said that Union Home Minister Amit Shah has made it clear that the government will not repeal the laws and the Home Minister stated that the government will give the amendments in the farm laws in writing on Wednesday. The reports say while the government has planned to sit for another round of talks with the farmers on Wednesday, the leaders of the protesting farmers said that don't want amendments in the farm reforms rather they need complete abrogation of laws without which they won't back off from the protests. 

Amit Shah had tabled a meet with the 13 farmers leaders on Tuesday and the meeting began at around 8 pm and ended around midnight. Ahead of attending the meeting, one of the farmers' leaders had said that they will demand the Home Minister to say Yes or No to their collective call of repealing the farm laws. However, the Home Minister had picked 'NO' as his answer after he made it clear to the farmers that the government will not repeal the farm laws.