Are you living in TN and expecting a child? Ensure you know this mandatory govt registration...

(Article by Priya Yogesh)

This is an informative article for all married women in Tamil Nadu who are expecting a child. In Tamilnadu, it has become mandatory to register for pregnancy with the government from January 2018. This article would take you through the steps if you are expecting a child and will guide you on registering the pregnancy with the state government without fail. 

The government has implemented a measure called PICME. It abbreviates to 'Pregnancy & Infant Cohort Monitoring & Evaluation'. The government wants to keep track of the birth and infant death numbers. For registration, you have to visit 

Is it mandatory? 

Yes. By providing all the details related to the pregnancy, the user will be given a 12 digit identification number. This is a unique number for each woman. She can use the same number for all her pregnancies. This number is mandatory and you must carry it while applying for the birth certificate of the newborn.

What are the necessary documents? 

  • Id and Address proof of both husband and wife. 
  • The file that contains the routine check-up details with the hospital you visit.
  • No money is needed to be paid.

What you must know about the maternity benefit scheme?

Within three months of conception, the woman is expected to register with the nearest Government Primary health center. If the person is following up with the government hospital, then she is eligible for the maternity benefit scheme. For each visit in each trimester, she gets some monetary benefits. Others can get only the 12 digit RCH id and not eligible for the government maternity benefit scheme. Following are the points that you should know, 

  • I recommend each pregnant woman to visit the nearest government hospital or primary health center in person before making online pre-registration.
  • Based on your door number and street name, you will be directed to the respective nurse.
  • She asks you for the documents to verify and confirms registration. After that, the unique ID is given to you.
  • The process does not demand any money.
  • Also, the bank passbook is not necessary if we are not eligible for the maternity benefit scheme.
  • Aadhar is also not a mandatory document. To verify your address and Id, any other valid document can also be furnished.

As soon as the first trimester ends, the pregger can find the nurse and do the registration. Do follow-ups with them until you get the RCH ID.