BJP's new plan against ADMK in TN elections: Is the Modi-EPS alliance coming to an end?

Amid being under the stumbling state of the Coronavirus outbreak and the aberrant developments in the border disputes and face-off with the nuclear-armed neighbor China, the Central ruling BJP party has been keeping its eye on the political grounds to deal and tackle the upcoming legislative elections in the states.

For BJP, every upcoming election will be crucial as it would determine the stability of the party nationally as the party has been going through the strong criticisms and reprimands on handling the Coronavirus pandemic, migrant and economic crisis triggered by the outbreak. Modi's camp is said to be vigilant in the alliance based elections in the states that have faltering grounds. 

The states like Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, and Puducherry will be hosting the legislative elections in 2021 and BJP would ought to sail hard in all these states to see, not comfortable seats, but competitive numbers. The state of Bihar would be rolling out the elections in November 2020. With having a challenging road ahead, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and BJP National President JP Nadda had discussed recently on the elections.

According to our sources, the leaders had discussed the survey taken by the Intelligence Bureau post March 2020 in the states that go for elections next year. The survey analyzed the state of people in these states after the lockdown and Coronavirus outbreak. In the meeting, the leaders discussed Tamil Nadu and the alliance for the legislative elections. The survey has said that the BJP would win only three seats with the ADMK alliance and the ADMK party would also see a huge decline in the number of seats.

The survey, which submitted before the party's high command, stated that ADMK's allied party PMK -led by Dr.Ramadoss would be getting five legislative seats from three districts of Dharmapuri, Salem, and Ariyalur and as far as ADMK is concerned, the now ruling party of the state is predicted to win a maximum of 30 to 40 seats and the rest of the seats would be swept by the opposition DMK party.

The survey further stated that DMK has been estimated to win 174 seats if it contests without alliance and it can win 186 seats with the alliance. The sources highlighted that Union Home Minister Amit Shah has also asked a private agency to take up the survey and it came with the report that was close to the predictions of the Intelligence Bureau. Upon having such unexpected reports, the BJP has been considering multiple options on its fray to face the elections in Tamil Nadu.

Along with BJP, the PMK has also been looking for changing the ship to sail on the new alliance. PMK has been re-considering the alliance with the ADMK party as it hopes to get at least 15 legislative seats if it contests alone than getting single-digit seats with an alliance with ADMK. According to the sources, BJP and PMK have been hoping for the political entry of Rajinikanth, who said would into politics after the birth of the revolution. It has been said that PMK, BJP, Rajini, and Krishnasamy would likely be hoping to form an alliance for the next legislative elections in Tamil Nadu by untieing ADMK from the alliance.

Amit Shah has been eyeing to enhance the party's base in Tamil Nadu amid the health crisis and larger dissents for the ruling ADMK party from the opposition and people on handling the outbreak. The BJP's leadership has been reviewing the possible grounds in the state for the party and to stop DMK from ascending to power in the 2021 legislative elections.