"To cherish forever" Dada actors on cloud nine after the surprise call from this Tamil top star...

(This article is authored by Alar)

Ganesh K. Babu's Dada has been spontaneously praised by film buffs. Kavin and Aparna Das led the cast of the film, which received positive reviews and opened to posiive words from actors like Kamal Hassan. Recently, one of the leads, Dhanush, the star of the film Vaathi, called them out of the blue and the two actors gushed about it on social media.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday night, actor Kavin shared a grateful note by captioning, "A fine moment to cherish forever Thanks a lot @dhanushkraja sir" The note reads, "Hi Kavin, Na Dhanush paesraen... My mind had to take a few second to process if whatever I heard was true. Reality is I'm yet to come out of that flash and here I'm typing this... Indeed a surreal moment receiving a call from Dhanush sir after watching Dada,"

The note added, "I remember watching all your movies on screen, being amazed and awestruck by your outstanding talent. And today, receiving a call from you can't be summed up by a simple thank you. Huge respect to you, sir for appreciating budding actors. My bestest wishes for Vaathi as well and always looking forward to watching great cinema from you, sir!"

Actress Aparna Das also shared the precious moment, she wrote, "Still can't believe that voice I heard from the other side of the phone. Hi Aparna Dhanush pesure... From our one and only Dhanush sir. OMG he said he loved the film and my performance. Padikathavan, Mayakam Enna, 3, Maryan, Thiruda Thirudi, Yaradi Ni Mohini IDK how many film, I am a huge fan. And coming this from him. What else can I say. Thank you so much sir. I look up to you. And that heart of your's to appreciate young upcoming artists like us God bless you sir. So much love and wishing you only the best sir."

Dada was released in cinemas on February 10. The coming-of-age romantic drama film also stars K. Bhagyaraj, Aishwarya Bhaskaran, VTV Ganesh in supporting leads, and is directed by Ganesh K. Babu. He has also written the script of the film. Dada depicts the story of a young man who is left alone to raise his child and also dives into the father and son relationship, where Kavin's performances have been receiving positive reactions from viewers.