The Country will know the next President of India on July 21

(This article is authored by Alar, a freelance content writer)

July 24 is the day, the country knows who will chair the president seat, after the tenure of current President Ram Nath Govind gets ends on the same day.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar announced the date for the upcoming President Election 2022. The voting will be held on July 18 and the results will be announced on July 21, 2022. The tenure of President Ram Nath Kovind will end on 24 July 2022. The President of India is elected by the members of both the houses- Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha of the Parliament of India. The nominated members of either Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha or legislative assemblies of the states are not eligible to be included in the electoral college and therefore, they are not entitled to participate in the election.

As per Article 62 of the constitution of India, an election for the next President must be held before the completion of the incumbent’s term.

the votes cast by the Electoral College, consisting of 776 members of Parliament (members of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha combined) and 4,033 members of the legislative assemblies, with a total of 4,809 votes being cast. The value of the votes of the members of assemblies combined is 543,231 and the MPs are 543,200, equaling a value of 1,086,431.

To note, “A total of 4,809 electors to vote in the Presidential elections 2022. No political party can issue a whip to its members,” said chief election commissioner Rajiv Kumar.