Crack DMK - BJP recruits local business biggies!

Recently, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has directed the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to track the 2021 legislative elections in Tamil Nadu and how to retrieve the BJP party's base in the state. The Central agency has disclosed the detailed report to the Home Minister on its findings towards lowering the rise of DMK.

The sources reveal that the IB has mentioned the names of top DMK leaders including party's treasurer Duraimurugan, Principal Secretary KN Nehru, Deputy General Secretary Periasamy, and party leaders Velu, Ponmudi, and A Raja in its report and it further stated that if these leaders have been immobilized and blocked during the elections, BJP would reach halfway through the victory. This report has been passed to BJP National President JP Nadda, Tamil Nadu BJP in-charge Muralidararao, Central Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman, and Piyush Goyal for further discussions.

            (L-R) Duraimurugan and M.K.Stalin - File photo


The top BJP leaders have discussed that the party cadres of ADMK won't ear the party's leaders during the elections and the DMK would comfortably pay counters to the ADMK cadres. With the view of getting rid of such muddles, the Central BJP has decided to web the local business people who would dare to face the DMK and who would unhesitatingly rain the money in the campaign trail. The BJP believes that by placing these local business biggies, it would immobilize the DMK leaders in their own districts through which it can build the path towards victory.

                    (L-R) Velu, Stalin, and Ponmudi - File photo


The sources further stated that the BJP has reached out to A.C.Shanmugam, the leader of the New Justice Party to take down DMK's treasurer Duraimurugan. Shanmugam was the ADMK candidate in the Vellore Lok Sabha polls during which he was defeated by Duraimurugan's son and DMK candidate Kathiranand. The sources say Shanmugam has agreed to throw the money against Duraimurugan with the exchange of Rajya Sabha MP ticket. As we reported earlier, Shanmugam has been one of the top contenders of ADMK in the Rajya Sabha elections. The officials in the intelligence agency have stated that the BJP has discussed to rope in film producer and financier Thanigaivel to stand against E. V. Velu, the DMK district secretary in Tiruvannamalai.

                           A.C.Shanmugam - File photo


The supporter of Thanigaivel told us that recently he came to Tiruvannamalai and he said his supporters that the BJP has called him to play politics against Velu in the district. Thanigaivel stated that he is going to join BJP and he has solicited his supporters to join in BJP along with him. When we asked about the developments to Thanigaivel, he admitted that he is going to join the BJP party in the presence of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and added that he is not going to oppose anyone and his politics would be based on the Center's guidelines. The BJP leader close to the Delhi leadership revealed that the BJP has directed about eleven business people in Tamil Nadu to spend for the party. Of those eleven, four are operating the educational institutions and these people would either come to the electoral politics or invest the money in the party.