Delhi Chalo: Latest move from the govt...Will it bring farmers' protests to an end?

Amid intensifying protests from the farmers at the national capital with one voice of repealing the farm bills, the Central government has invited the farmers' unions for talks, which has become the government's latest move in its bid to find an amicable resolution and to mitigate the protests amid the pandemic spread. 

According to reports, the talks have been scheduled on Tuesday -December 1 at 3 pm at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi during which the Central government is expected to speak with the farmers' unions to back off their protests. Delhi has been witnessing the overwhelming presence of the peasants in its territory from various states -majorly from its neighbors including Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. 

The farmers have been protesting in Delhi for the fifth straight day to demand the Central government to revoke the controversial farm bills which the farmers express fear that the bills would be a menace for their lives and produce as the Center mulls to bring private players into the agricultural sector which would affect farmers in getting their minimum support price (MSP). The farmers had installed blockades at the major highways in Delhi which had caused disruption in the movements of vehicles. 

Tuesday's meeting at Vigyan Bhawan will be convened two days ahead of the actual schedule. Earlier, the Central government has scheduled a meeting with the farmers on December 3. The Central government has made an announcement about the re-schedule of the meeting on Monday night. Speaking to PTI, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said, "Keeping in view of the cold and COVID-19, we have invited leaders of farmers unions for discussion much before the scheduled December 3 meeting". The Union Minister further appealed to the farmers to end their protests. 

Last week, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has appealed to the farmers to shift their protests to Burari grounds in Delhi. However, the farmers had rejected the Home Minister's appeal and asserted that they will not accept the conditions from the Central government and urged the government to meet their demand for revoking the farm bills. The farmers have threatened to block five entry points to Delhi and they said more people from Amristar will be joining the protesters by Tuesday. 

The farmers further said that they will intensify the protests if the Center refuses to hear their demand. The farmers had called the government to stop laying down any conditions if it is serious about addressing the demands of the farmers and the government should come up with the solution. The representatives of the farmers had addressed the reporters on Monday during which they said that the farmers have come to Delhi for a decisive battle and they asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to listen to their 'Mann Ki Baat'. 

Tuesday's meeting holds larger importance as it has gained national attention as the sequel of the growing agitations from the farmers. The peasants have urged the Center to frame a solution of repealing the farm bills without which they had reiterated that they won't back off from the protests and on Monday, the protesting farmers have called the farmers' unions in every state to expand the protests against the farm bills. On Monday, Home Minister Amit Shah met Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and discussed the situation of farmers' protests. 

Earlier on Sunday, Amit Shah, Tomar, and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had met BJP National President JP Nadda at the latter's residence in Delhi and they discussed about the farmers' protests and the meetings unfolded by the Center had signaled that the large-scale protests from the farmers had deeply concerned the government. Speaking at a rally at Varanasi on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the new agricultural laws have been brought in for benefit of the farmers. By slamming the opposition parties for spreading rumors about the laws, the Prime Minister stated that the farmers and the country will see and experience the benefits of these new laws in the coming days.