Delhi has got justice...What about Pollachi?

While, on one hand, India's judiciary had delivered justice for Nirbhaya as the four convicts of the rape case have been nearing towards gallows and they would be executed on February 1st, 2020, on the other hand, the same judiciary has been shouldered with the anticipation towards delivering justice for the victims of Pollachi sexual harassment case. 

Nirbhaya - not the real name of the Delhi gang-rape victim, but it has been synonymized as 'braveness' and the moments after the Delhi court awarded the death penalty for the four convicts, the nation had clouded unanimous voice that women would feel secure and brave if the assailants and perpetrators were given with maximum punishment for the violence they committed against women and the country and the parents of Nirbhaya had demanded the faster justice for the convicts and similar voice had largely raised on the Pollachi case in which the accused have been enjoying safe haven in Tamil Nadu prisons.

     The four convicts of Nirbhaya case - File photo


The horrific crime had come to the revelation after the affected woman from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu had stormed to the local police station on February 24, 2019, and lodged a complaint against the assailants. During the course of investigations, the police department had shockingly found out that there were similar kinds of harassment faced by several women after which the cops had detained four members - Sabarirajan, Sathish, Vasanthkumar on February while another suspect Thirunavukkarasu was arrested in March 2019.

Nearly a couple of days after complaining, the affected woman's brother had come through the brutal attacks by the mob in Pollachi and the police department had also filed a case against the attacks and the probe has let to the arrest of three men - Babu, Senthil, and Vasanthakumar and after some days, the fourth man - Manivannan who was behind the attack had surrendered in the court and upon investigations, it has come to the spotlight that Manivannan had played a role in harassing the women after which he was inducted as one of the accused in sexual harassment case.

Initially, the sexual harassment case had surrounded by a row of controversies as the three accused were granted bail and the probing police official Pandiyarajan had revealed the details of the woman who filed a complaint and in the course of the investigation, he stated that the accused had no connection with the ruling party. 

     The four accused in Pollachi case - File photo


Afterward, the probing of the two cases - sexual harassment case and mob attack case were transferred to the CBI and after the interrogations, the CBI had informed that it would be dropping off the mob attack case by citing the lack of evidence and it has tabled its affidavit in Coimbatore court and the hearing has been postponed to February 6th, 2020 during which its highly likely that the court would be delivering its final verdict on the case.

The reports say that the drawback over the mob attack case would also impact the sexual harassment case as the case would be heard on January 27th and most of the senior lawyers are skeptical that the sexual harassment case against the four might witnesses the lapse over the investigation as the case has been involved with the political backgrounds. The accused of the Pollachi case have currently been lodged in Salem central prison in Tamil Nadu.