Delhi riots: Rajinikanth condemns the Center - Here's what he had to say!

Actor and Political hopeful Rajinikanth has on Wednesday took a harsh stand against the Central ruling BJP party and held the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Intelligence accountable for the long-simmering violence orchestrated by the pro and anti CAA forces. As the Delhi violence had hit its fifth straight day, the actor has opened up for the first time and condemned the failure of the government to constrain the riots.

While addressing the reporters outside his residence in Poes Garden, Chennai, Rajinikanth said that the riots in Delhi were due to the failure of the intelligence and it must have been dealt with an iron fist especially when US President Donald Trump was touring India. He urged the Central leaders to step down from their powers if they are unable to control the violence in the capital. By citing that the peaceful protests are acceptable, he avowed that the protests should not be allowed to get shaped into violence.

He further stated that "I'm condemning the Central government for the arson and they failed to gather intelligence properly and they should have controlled it and I expect them to be careful and vigilant at least now as if it fails to constrain, it would be very difficult in future and if it's the failure of the intelligence, it's the failure of Home Ministry". By observing that the violence has gone too far, the actor questioned the Delhi police on why it has failed to anticipate the developments that turned the protests into violence.

Rajinikanth addressing the reporters in Chennai - Feb 26, 2020 - ANI Photo


He has pressed and reiterated his earlier notion on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). While responding to the reporters, Rajinikanth said that he will stand with Muslims if the act affects them and stated that he will be the first to voice his support of Muslims. He added that there is no point in spurring up the muddles and confusions on the National Register of Citizens (NRC) as the Central government has clarified that it will not implement the NRC. He further stated that some of the political parties and outfits are oiling the communal hatred to instigate the people. However, he hasn't named any parties.

He highlighted that the politics based on the religion will largely affect the future and claimed that the protests against the CAA will not change anything as the Central BJP government affirmed that it will not repeal the act. He stated that "it's my opinion that these protests will not bring change. Immediately, they say I'm the mouthpiece of BJP, I belong to BJP and I support BJP".  He added that he feels bad that these comments are made by senior political commentators and journalists.


Hours after his press meet, he got the support from his fellow actor and politician Kamal Haasan. Haasan, the president of Makkal Needhi Maiam party took to Twitter and congratulated Rajinikanth. Kamal Haasan said that his friend is on the right path. "Shabash dear friend Rajinikanth. Come to this right path. This is not a separate and lonely path. It has been stepped on by the entire race. Welcome and congratulations", Kamal Haasan tweeted.