A desire in a divide: Why this prominent community wants OPS and Sasikala to take control of ADMK?

In the midst of an unprecedented divide that was prompted by the leadership tussle between top leaders Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) and O Panneerselvam (OPS), the ADMK has been witnessing the birth of a desire from a prominent community in Tamil Nadu that OPS must take the control of the ADMK and he can share the leadership with expelled ADMK's General Secretary VK Sasikala, who was the close aide of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. 

While the firing of both leaders at each other has led the party down, the cadres are left with no sight of who holds the real ADMK. Both the factions are locking horns for several years and this latest battle would go before the Election Commission of India with more possibilities that the party would again get split. Amid such developments, the prominent Thevar community in the state has written to OPS and VK Sasikala to recoup the control of the party. 

According to IANS, around a hundred Thevar organizations have joined hands and sent letters to both OPS and Sasikala to come together and take the control of the party. Thevar community is a notable section of people in Tamil Nadu- particularly in the east and south Tamil Nadu and it has a strong voter base for ADMK. As OPS and Sasikala both belong to the Thevar community, the outfits of the community have come to advocate for both the leaders to take over the party. 

Speaking to IANS, Alagarsamy, the coordinator of Thevarina Kootamaippu, said, "A Thevar community has been a traditional support base for the ADMK and our enemies are trying to finish off by using our own people who had aligned with other caste leaders. The expulsion of OPS from the ADMK and how he was insulted in the June 23 general council meeting has pained the Thevar community. Let OPS and VK Sasikala join together and take over the party." 

The community leaders have also urged OPS and Sasikala to begin their political campaign of retaking the ADMK from south Tamil Nadu where the community is strong and spread it from Nagapattinam to Tirunelveli and from Coimbatore to Vellore. In the joint letter, the community has also highlighted their fighting spirit. The letter has implied that ADMK is heading toward a communal divide from a political divide. While EPS enjoys the stronghold from the Kongu community from western Tamil Nadu, the joint letter from a prominent community backing OPS and Sasikala has sparked a fresh episode of debates inside the party.