DMK President M K Stalin is not happy- Sources reveal the fact!

Despite the major sweep in the rural local body elections in the state of Tamil Nadu, DMK President and state's opposition leader M K Stalin has expressed his dissatisfaction and displeasure, sources close to the developments reveal.

The recently concluded rural local bodies in Tamil Nadu had presented the political grounds that were never seen in the past few decades and the history of the by-elections and local body elections had favored for the ruling party during the time of the elections as it was certain that the people would vote for the ruling party in these local elections but for this time, the ruling party is not fortunate enough to retain the history as ADMK party has kicked into the New Year with the aberrant and unexpected loss in its strongholds across the state as the opposition DMK has registered with over 50% of the victory.

DMK party members greet M K Stalin with a garland after the victory in the local body elections


Our sources stated that the district secretaries of DMK had claimed that the huge victory has signaled the possibilities that the party would assume to power in the state legislative election that is due in 2021 but although, the DMK party cadres had welcomed and celebrated the triumph, party's president Stalin had said that the victory attained by the party is not enough to what he had actually expected.

Stalin has expressed his reaction to the party's secretaries who carried the news of what they overwhelmingly welcomed. He stated that the victory from the districts on the Central and Cauvery river belts had aided the party to sweep the huge mandate and the victory from the Southern districts was possible through the allied Congress party and claimed that the districts of the Kongu belt had fully voted for the ruling party and added that the party would have touched the promising victory if it could have registered with more than 60% in the local body polls.

(L-R) Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami and DMK President M K Stalin - File photo


The senior party officials had revealed that the party would be tabling the meet with the district secretaries soon during which the party's leadership would take stringent action against the party cadres who were behind the loss as Stalin strongly believes that either action or the expulsion should be taken against the party men to ensure that the party succeeds in all the upcoming elections.

DMK President with the top Congress leaders - File photo


On the other hand, one of the party in the DMK alliance, Congress had reacted against the DMK leadership and during the discussion of the party's election committee, the leaders have underlined that the local and important faces of the DMK party had strongly supported and backed the unofficial DMK candidates in the constituencies where Congress had contested. They accused the DMK party men of backing such candidates both financially and politically that had led to the separation of votes which were expected by the Congress party and the splitting of votes had given the victories for ruling ADMK party and the sources have stated that both the parties are currently negotiating for seat-sharing in the indirect elections for the posts of district chairman and vice-chairman that would be taking place on January 11th, 2019.