From EPS's anger against former minister to a shocking slogan from a cadre: Viral events from ADMK's top meeting!

Besides tensions, furores, apparent frictions, and outcry, the ADMK's General Council meeting has also presented some of the viral and hilarious events that were rampant on social media. In a meeting that lasted for not even an hour, there were a handful of events that turned heads and became the talk of the town, surpassing the political conflict within the party.

ADMK has organized the General Council meeting on Thursday - June 23 at a private hall in Vanagaram, Chennai. Held to adopt over 20 resolutions including Edappadi Palaniswami's elevation had finally wrapped up without passing even a single resolution. It is the first time in ADMK's history that a General Council meeting was concluded without passing a single resolution and it is also the first time that this top meeting was held for a shorter duration - not even an hour.

From Edappadi Palaniswami's anger at a former minister to a shocking slogan from a cadre, the meeting had a lot to offer. Let's take a look at them, 

Edappadi Palaniswami's anger:

It was probably the first time that Palaniswami had burst out in a key meeting against a senior leader. Palaniswami looked tense throughout the meeting and when he was addressing the packed hall, former minister Benjamin approached him with a massive garland and tried to clad Palaniswami with it. However, Palaniswami immediately reacted against the former minister and got angry at his conduct. 

When Benjamin again tried to present a flower bouquet to Palaniswami, the latter's anger was pouring out and the leaders behind Palaniswami had cleared Benjamin. Moments later, when Palaniswami was greeting the cadres from the stage, Benjamin again approached Palaniswami with the same garland only to stir Palaniswami's resentment for yet another time. Again, Benjamin was cleared by the seniors. 

A shocking slogan from a cadre:

When the supporters of Palaniswami were busy removing Panneerselvam's vehicle from the venue hall, a cadre had raised the slogan against Palaniswami. After realizing that he is Palaniswami's supporter, he then changed the tone and raised the slogan against Panneerselvam. This event was total laughter not only for the cadres but also for the police officers stationed at the scene. The video has been going viral on social media. 

Edappadi Palaniswami's chaotic speech:

The hall was packed with more cadres and chaos that it had disturbed Palaniswami who ended up giving the wrong citation to the party founder MG Ramachandran. While addressing the meeting, Palaniswami was hailing MG Ramachandran and Jayalalithaa and at one point, he went on to say 'Purachi Thalaivi MGR'. He referred to MGR with the citation that is being used for Jayalalithaa. 

ADMK's Panneerselvam along with his close associates at a restaurant in Chennai after exiting the chaotic ADMK's General Council meeting - June 23, 2022


Panneerselvam's team lunch:

After facing what has been termed as a jibe by the political observers, Panneeselvam had staged a walkout from the General Council meeting amid the chorus where the supporters of Palaniswami had called the former as ADMK's betrayer. Panneerselvam has left the venue along with his supporters and his next stop was at a hotel where he had a team lunch along with the general public. The picture of his team lunch has been getting spread rampantly on social media.