Exclusive: Behind the scene report...Why Amit Shah didn't stay at Raj Bhavan during his Chennai visit?

Recently, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has arrived in Chennai for a brief stop ahead of arriving at Puducherry, which was his scheduled destination. Whenever a very important dignitary comes from Delhi, the protocol will guide them towards Raj Bhavan, the official residence of the Tamil Nadu Governor, for a stay. This protocol was even followed by the President, Vice-President, and the Prime Minister. But, this time, the visitor has broken the protocol.

Upon landing at the Chennai airport on April 23, Amit Shah skipped staying at the Raj Bhavan and decided to stay at the CRPF's Guest House in Avadi. The change in status quo of the protocol by the Home Minister was keenly watched by the state intelligence unit and the state officials had also gathered reports from his meeting with the Tamil Nadu BJP leaders. 

According to our sources, Amit Shah has decided not to stay at Raj Bhavan with the view of avoiding direct contact with the state government's intelligence unit. They say, "After Amit Shah's Puducherry tour was finalized, the initial plan was to reach Puducherry from Delhi through Bengaluru. However, there was a change in the itinerary as Amit Shah had decided to visit Chennai to have a meeting with the state BJP leaders about the DMK government." 

The sources further said, "It was decided that Amit Shah will spend a night in Chennai and he will start to Puducherry the next day. It was also decided that Amit Shah will be staying at Raj Bhavan and will have a meeting with the BJP leaders." However, there was a change in the plan as Amit Shah has decided to stay at CRPF's Guest House instead of Raj Bhavan. This change was made based on the recommendations from the central intelligence unit to the Union Home Ministry. 

Responding to this change, our sources said that the central intelligence officers had informed the Home Ministry that the Raj Bhavan in Chennai is being monitored by the state intelligence unit. Raj Bhavan is maintained by the state public works department, it is secured by the state police force, and it is being monitored by the intelligence unit of the state government due to which Amit Shah's movements would be watched and monitored by them and it would be updated to the state government. 

Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai welcomes Amit Shah upon the latter's arrival in Chennai - April 23, 2022


The central officers had told the Home Ministry to avoid making a stay for Amit Shah at Raj Bhavan. Based on their inputs, Amit Shah has finally decided to skip staying at Raj Bhavan and instead he stayed at the CRPF's Guest House, which is fully under the control of the Union government, in Avadi, Chennai. After arriving at the Chennai airport, Amit Shah was received by BJP leaders Annamalai, CT Ravi, and Sudhakar Reddy. 

Following the arrival, the Home Minister, along with these leaders, went to the CRPF Guest House and there, he had held a meeting with the state leaders for two hours during which Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai had disclosed several documents against the DMK government and discussed them with Amit Shah while Union Minister of State L Murugan was also present in the meeting.