Exclusive: A big condition from BJP to VK Sasikala when she wished to meet Amit Shah and get party's support!

Expelled ADMK general secretary has been surrounded by a political maze and as a player, she is taking more time to open the right door to ensure that her political entry won't end as an abysmal. Her supporters affirm that she will venture into politics but perplexion remains as their answer to the question of where she would begin. Currently, the doors of ADMK are shut amidst the political crisis and the BJP has decided to open its door for her. 

To initiate negotiations with her, BJP has given the erranding task to actor-turned-politician Vijayashanthi. Our sources say that Sasikala is welcoming BJP's approach towards her as she firmly believes that she can recoup her control over ADMK through BJP. Recently, Vijayashanthi has met VK Sasikala in Chennai and held a political parlay with the latter to read her mind. To take over the ADMK, VK Sasikala was expecting Delhi's support and through Vijayashanthi, she aimed to have BJP's support.  

VIjayashanthi and Sasikala had met a few months ago during which Sasikala has expressed her wish to meet Union Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah. Hearing her wish, Vijayashanthi has given Sasikala hope and asserted that she will speak to Amit Shah. However, as weeks went by, Sasikala didn't receive a positive message from Vijayashanthi. After several months, the duo again had a secret meeting in Chennai recently.

Political parley in Chennai: VK Sasikala with BJP leader Vijayashanthi 


According to our sources, ahead of meeting Sasikala for the second time, Vijayashanthi has approached Amit Shah and told him, "VK Sasikala wants to meet you. She needs twenty minutes to talk with you as she wants to share about ADMK leader Edappadi Palaniswami." Vijayashanthi further requested Amit Shah to give Sasikala an appointment to meet him. 

However, Amit Shah has denied giving an appointment to VK Sasikala and informed Vijayashanthi that whatever Sasikala wants to communicate with him, she can share with the actor-turned-politician. Amit Shah didn't ignore Sasikala completely as he wants to hear from her through Vijayashanthi. He denied a direct meeting as it would spark unnecessary debate. 

After hearing that Amit Shah didn't give her an appointment, VK Sasikala has posed an upsetting face amid observing a relationship with Vijayashanthi, who has taken various efforts for Sasikala in the BJP. Last week, Vijayashanthi has come to Chennai to meet VK Sasikala and during the meeting, Vijayashanthi has affirmed to Sasikala that there has been positive support from Delhi to help her. 

However, Sasikala was told by Vijayashanthi that whether she wants BJP's support, she must fulfil a condition from Amit Shah. Sasikala was instructed to meet some expectations from the BJP for which Sasikala told Vijayashanthi how she can fulfil the expectations of the BJP when most of her assets have been seized. But, the sources say that Vijayashanthi has clearly conveyed Amit Shah's condition to Sasikala that she must fulfil the expectations to get the party's support. 

Through the meeting, Vijayashanthi has thrown the ball in Sasikala's court and the latter has to take a final call on winning the BJP's support to take over the ADMK. Since Vijayashanthi's meeting, Sasikala is all eyes on fulfilling the BJPs expectations and recouping her complete control in the ADMK.