Exclusive: Seats for sale...TN BJP has sold a seat for Rs 5 lakh! A leaked audio shockingly reveals!

The urban local body polls in Tamil Nadu are around the corner and the rivals are locking horns at all levels of grassroot government institutions. While DMK goes with its alliance, ADMK had seen a drift in its alliance after the BJP had decided to contest the polls independently. Though having fewer prospects in leading the race, the BJP has been under fire over its bigotry politics and intra-party furore. In what has become the latest episode of furore in the party's store, a woman functionary has alleged that the party has sold seats for the upcoming urban local body polls for Rs 5 lakh. 

The functionary, who expressed her disappointment for not allotting a seat, was speaking over the phone to the local party leader and the audio was leaked, which has shockingly revealed the trade. According to our sources, Selvi, who is a native of Tenkasi, is a BJP functionary, who was expecting a ward councillor seat from the party's leadership. She had even moved her application and attended the interview. However, the party has finally allotted the seat for another woman.

Selvi had first contested in the polls in 2011 from the BJP ticket. She has contested the post of Municipal Chairman in Tenkasi only to face defeat. Again in 2016, Selvi had contested in the assembly polls in the BJP ticket after several partymen had urged her to contest. However, she again had ended her race with a debacle and this time, she became finally weak. Amid such a flawed opening, she has decided to contest in the upcoming urban local body polls.

As the party had allotted ward no 8 in Tenkasi for women, Selvi had expressed her interest to contest in the BJP ticket in this ward and she also had attended the interview. However, in a big shock, Selvi wasn't awarded the seat as the party's leadership had allotted the seat for Ponnammal after the latter paid Rs 5 lakh. After knowing that her application was rejected, Selvi called BJP district secretary Ramaraj and slammed him for not providing the seat to her.

In the leaked audio, Selvi can be heard saying, "I was living a life without politics. You have brainwashed me and made me contest in the 2011 and 2016 polls. I have worked hard for the party. But, I was not given a seat and it was awarded to some other woman, who apparently says that she had paid Rs 5 lakh to the party. I am familiar and she was a new entrant." 

She further says, "With this, I have no connection with the party. My husband will never come to the party-related events." She added that this was the reason why the party is doing well in the state. The leaked audio has been going viral. When we asked the BJP district secretary Ramaraj, he said, "This is an internal issue of the party.  I have already conveyed what happened to the state party president and I am yet to get the response." 

                                    File photo: Selvi 


After the ticket is denied, Selvi has decided to contest from ward no 8 independently. As she is a familiar face in the area, the BJP leaders were convincing her to withdraw her nomination, as it may affect the party's votes. As the demand had grown, our sources say that Selvi has moved out of Tenkasi. The urban local body polls will be held on February 19 and the votes would be counted on February  22, after which the winners will be announced.