Explained: How you can get a community certificate in TN through online...

(Article by Priya Yogesh)

This article explains the procedure to get a community certificate in Tamil Nadu through online. We did this procedure to obtain the document for our 3 years old daughter. This is a mandatory document to get admission in the school. It is very simple and they process the successfully submitted application in 7 to 9 days' time. 

For people who are in need to secure the community certificate, they are just steps away from obtaining one from the government. This guide takes you through the channel of how to apply and get this mandatory certificate. Visit https://www.tnesevai.tn.gov.in/Citizen/PortalLogin.aspx to start the process. This link takes us to the login page. Initially, we need to create an account. We need to furnish the name, email id, mobile number, and other basic details. After creating the account, you are done to proceed towards logging in. 

You would be directed to 'Services' in which you would see four options -Department Wise, Service Wise, Search, and Public. In this, you have to choose 'Department Wise' in which you should click on the Revenue Department. After choosing the Revenue department, you should choose 'Rev-101 Community certificate'. You would be directed to the instructions page on how to apply community certificate and you must proceed further by clicking the 'Proceed' button. 

Following your action to proceed, you would be asked to register for 'CAN'. You should click 'Register CAN' to apply for CAN registration. Once you choose to apply CAN, it would be asking for the Aadhar card of the applicant, name of the parents, and caste details. Carefully fill all the mandatory fields and recheck before you submit. After submission, you can easily find your entry with the mobile number. It asks to upload the documents in a specific size. Passport photo, self-declaration form digitally signed, community certificate of the mother or father, Address proof of the applicant. Compression of PDF files is recommended as the attachments would be accepted only in a specific size. 

After uploading the documents, you will be taken to the payment page. Pay Rs.60 and the procedure is complete. Check the status after 3 days and they may either approve the application and give a link to download the community certificate or reject the application with some reasons mentioned in the comment. You must fix the issue and reapply for the certificate if your application has got rejected. Following are the tips that you must make a note of and ensure you follow when you are applying for the certificate. 

  • After uploading documents, the payment page appears. So take some time to go back and check all the spellings and details entered.
  • Take a screenshot of the id generated after the payment screen.
  • Clearly scan the document and check if it is clear after compression.
  • Scan the original documents only.
  • Their customer care number or help desk mail id never responds.
  • So, enter the information and repeatedly check before going to the payment page.
  • Keep track of the application for the next one week and check the status.
  • After successful certificate generation, scan the QR code on the certificate and check the details that appear.
  • Download, print, and laminate the document to keep it safe.