A farmer reveals why he bought a helicopter, worth Rs 30 crore!

A farmer in Maharashtra has bought a helicopter for his newly started dairy business. Janardhan Bhoir is a farmer and businessman in Maharashtra's Bhiwandi and he has raised many eyebrows by buying a brand-new chopper worth Rs 30 crore for his milk business. 

Janardhan has been in a real-estate business along with farming. He has recently established a dairy business and started supplying milk to the nearby states. As he endured more inconvenience during his regular travel to nearby states, he decided to make his travel easier and less time consumed following which he had bought a helicopter. On Sunday, Janardhan's village had witnessed the arrival of his helicopter for a trial run. 

Janardhan said that he has to travel to Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, and Rajasthan very often for his dairy business. As his destinations won't be having airports, he used to travel for more hours. To make it easier, he approached some of his friends, and based on a friend's suggestion, he has decided to purchase the helicopter for his travel.

Speaking to the local reporters, Janardhan said, "I have to frequently travel for my business, that's the reason I bought a helicopter. I need it often to look after my dairy business and farming". According to reports, the helicopter was sent to Janardhan's village for trial on Sunday and he offered village panchayat members to take a ride in his helicopter. 

Janardhan said that the helicopter will be delivered on March 15 and he has made arrangements to build a helipad with a protective wall on a 2.5-acre land. There will also be a garage for the helicopter, a pilot room, and a technician room. Janardhan is a rich farmer and he has property worth Rs 100 crore.