Farmers vow to continue protests with failing episodes of talks!

The second episode of the Center-farmers talks that held on Thursday had closed its curtains without reaching any conclusions or amicable resolution to mitigate the unprecedented scale of protests in Delhi that rolled out by farmers with the sole motive of repealing the three farm bills proposed by the Center. With having no favorable solution from the government, the peasants had vowed to intensify the protests. 

Friday marks the eighth straight day of the protests staged by thousands of farmers' who had gathered in Delhi from several parts of the nation. The peasants have occupied the roads and they camped their temporary livelihoods there to continue the protests until the Center backs off and come up with the solution of repealing the bills. They blocked major highways amid extreme winter and COVID-19 outbreak with showing no signs of getting back to their home states without having the bills repealed. 

The Central government had on Tuesday convened the first round of talks with dozens of unions' representing the protesting farmers. Union Ministers Narendra Singh Tomar and Piyush Goyal had led the talks while leaders of the farmers' unions participated. However, the first round of talks concluded without reaching any conclusions and the farmers had vowed to intensify the protests. The Central government on the other side had announced the second round of talks on Thursday. 

As announced, the second round of talks was held on Thursday at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi with widespread expectation across the nation. Thursday's meeting had lasted for seven hours. According to reports, the representatives of the protesting farmers, during the meeting, had demanded the Center to repeal the farm bills without any delay rather than making any amendments in the laws. 

Along with the demand for repealing the farm laws, the farmers had also urged the Center to revoke the system of imposing a heavy penalty on pollution. Earlier, the farmers had written to Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar asking to convene a special session of parliament to repeal the laws. Following the meeting, the leaders of the protesting farmers said that they were well prepared for the meeting and they had expressed their demands and concerns. 

During the meeting, the government had accepted to roll out some amendments in the farm laws, assured the farmers of the Minimum Support Price (MSP), and removing agriculture from the law to prevent pollution. However, the leaders of the peasants had voiced against the government on the amendments and urged the government not to make amendments but to remove three farm laws immediately. 

The leaders told the government that the laws are flawed and should be repealed. The government assured the farmers that it will think about the demands of the farmers for which the leaders of the protesting farmers had said they will also think about responding to how the Center proceeds further with their demand. With no amicable resolution and with an impasse between both the parties, the seven-hours long talks concluded with a debacle. 

When the government has called the farmers for the next round of meeting on December 4, the leaders of the protesting farmers had asked the government to defer the meeting on December 5 with the view of deciding further course of action. The reports say that the next round of talks with the farmers will take place on December 5, Saturday.