Former ADMK Minister files complaint against VK Sasikala: What's behind his plan?

ADMK is in a political impasse over VK Sasikala's prospective political resurgence and to take over the party from the current and flawed leadership. Expelled ADMK leader VK Sasikala, who was a close aide of late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, is unfolding incessant political drama by speaking to the party cadres of ADMK and AMMK with the assurance of coming back to politics and to drive it like Jayalalithaa. 

ADMK's Joint Coordinator Edappadi Palaniswami, who was an accidental Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, has been building a fortress in the party with his supporters to retain the control and to barricade VK Sasikala's entry. With the view of reiterating that Sasikala won't have a place at the party, Palaniswami is instructing his close aides including former ministers D Jayakumar and CV Shanmugam to voice against VK Sasikala and her faction.

D Jayakumar and CV Shanmugam have been staunchly flaying VK Sasikala in their efforts to keep her at bay. Besides asserting that Sasikala will never be allowed to enter the party, Shanmugam has gone to the next level and lodged a police complaint against Sasikala by claiming that he has been threatened and intimidated by  Sasikala's supporters and he demanded the police to take action against the expelled ADMK leader. 

While Shanmugam's complaint against Sasikala had stirred outrage from Sasikala's supporters in the party, Sasikala's supporter and senior AMMK leader Vaidhyanathan says what's the background of Shanmugam's complaint. According to our sources, Vaidhyanathan said that Sasikala has played a pivotal role in Shanmugam's political career. She was the one who lobbied with Jayalalithaa to make Shanmugam as the ADMK's Secretary of his home district, Villupuram. 

Vaidhyanathan said, "Shanmugam was a minister in the previous government and as a minister, he was under heavy police security. However, he had lost in the recently-held assembly polls and ADMK had also faced a debacle. As he was defeated in the election, the DMK government has been in the process of completely withdrawing police security detail from Shanmugam. After knowing this, Shanmugam had filed a complaint with the police that his life is under threat, with the view of keeping the police security." 

Vaidhyanathan further said that Shanmugam doesn't have a right to speak about Sasikala. Without Sasikala, Shanmugam won't have a career in politics. Sasikala had spoken with Jayalalithaa and made Shanmugam as the minister and as the district secretary. Most of the senior leaders close to Shanmugam know this fact and after the demise of Jayalalithaa, Sasikala had supported him in the party. 

Vaidhyanathan asked Shanmugam that why he still holds the post of district secretary, provided by Sasikala, if he opposes her.  The AMMK leader had further slammed Edappadi Palaniswami for betraying Sasikala and the former failed to return the party to the latter following her release from the prison. Palaniswami has done injustice to the party and displays that the party belongs to him. Vaidhyanathan concludes by asserting that Sasikala would definitely come back to politics and take over the party from Palaniswami.