Fresh show, fresh controversy: How Karan Johar's snide about Nayanthara angered her fans?

(This article is authored by Alar) 

Bollywood star Karan Johar is back with a new season of the show 'Koffee with Karan' and it's not even halfway through, the actor has caught into a whirl of controversy through his snide about lady superstar Nayanthara. The latest episode of the show has welcomed actress Samantha to the house and she joined the show along with Akshay Kumar and the show went viral across and beyond the borders. 

It was the third episode of season seven of Koffee with Karan and Karan's words didn't go well with the fans of Nayanthara. During the conversation, Karan has displayed Ormax Media's latest list of most popular female stars in India. Samantha topped the list that also had Nayanthara. Karan had then asked Samantha about working with Nayanthara in movies. 

Responding to this, Samantha said that she just worked with Nayanthara in the Tamil movie 'Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal'. She said, "Well, I recently did a film with Nayanthara." She further said Nayanthara is the biggest actress in the south Indian industry. Reacting to Samantha's remarks, Karan appeared to be not happy with that Nayanthara praise and cited that he didn't agree with Samantha.

Karan was heard saying, "Well, not on my list", citing that Nayanthara was not on the top of the list of most popular female stars. When his remark was aired on the show, it has immediately drawn attention as several fans of Nayanthara are slamming Karan's snide about Nayanthara. The fans said that they believe Karan Johar has disregarded the popularity of their favourite actress. 

Many fans are sent into a frenzy and condemned that Karan Johar is jealous of the South Indian film industry. A fan wrote, "The way Karan disrespected Nayanthara breaks my heart. I mean how can someone be this cocky and disrespectful towards such an actor. Never liked him, but now, he's seriously a waste material and nothing else." Another fan contended that Karan Johar cannot achieve even half of what Nayanthara has achieved. 

Recently wedded Nayanthara is currently starring opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Atlee's upcoming film 'Jawan'. The stunning poster of the film was released recently and created quite a stir. The film, which is being made as a pan-Indian film, is slated to release in June next year.