How is 'Paravai' Muniyamma now?

For many years, Tamil Nadu has been airing rumors on the health conditions of celebrities and politicians after they have been hospitalized and before attaining natural deaths, such personalities could be dead for at least four times through spreading the rumors and sadly that has now become a tradition in the social media platforms. 

We have interacted with such personality 'Paravai' Muniyamma, a folk singer and actress in Tamil Nadu who is the latest victim for such rumors after she has been hospitalized for repeated times in Madurai. Throughout the interview, she remained healthy by defeating the rumors where she said that she lost her interest in acting career after her husband was passed away in 2016 and she recalls the moments of being honored with 'Kalaimamani' award by the government of Tamil Nadu for excellence in the field of art and literature in the same year. She added that she was hospitalized many times in the past three years and the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had sanctioned her with the fixed deposit of Rs 6 lakhs that aided her to avail medical treatments and to meet hospital expenses. She cited that she has currently been suffering from severe ailments and kidney failure.


While we questioned the recent rumors which claimed that she has died, she said that she is not fear of dying as she has already settled her three daughters and she also expressed her mental grievance on her physically disabled son. She stated that actors like Dhanush and Sivakarthikeyan have extended their financial support for regular treatments. Being aged 81, she claimed that her husband would deserve 100%  credit in her development as he was the one who inspired and took her to sing on the stages which had made her sing in about 2000 stages and acted in 50 movies. She was broken out of tears to cure his son's disability before she passes away.

She asserts that when she was running out of finance, it was actor Abi Saravanan who come forward to aid her medical treatments where the actor was with her and admitted her in a private hospital for further treatments and taken care of the medical and hospital expenses. Amidst under severe ailments, she adds that the actors like Karunas and Sivakarthikeyan had visited her in the hospital while Dhanush and Vijay Sethupathy had reached out and asked about the health.



When we asked actor Abi Saravanan, he said that he had admitted her in Madurai Vellammal hospital and while he was in the court to review his family's case, he came to know that Paravai Muniyamma was passed away from social media networks further to which he has rushed to the hospital where he found out that she was doing fine. He questioned that when God wishes to keep her alive, who have spread such rumors?