"I spoke in humour"... Mansoor Ali Khan finally makes a official statement to the Police

(This article is authored by Alar)

Mansoor Ali Khan, the actor-politician who made headlines for his derogatory remarks against actress Trisha, has finally appeared before the police after trying to evade them for a while. He was summoned by the Thousand Lights Police Station on two counts of charges filed by Trisha, who was offended by his sexist and disrespectful comments during a press interaction.

Mansoor, who claimed to have a throat problem and could not speak, had applied for anticipatory bail in a Chennai court. However, he changed his mind and decided to show up at the police station today, after facing backlash from the media and social media. He reportedly told the police that he was joking and did not mean to harm Trisha. He also expressed his regret for hurting her feelings.

"I was the one who spoke to the reporters about Trisha, but I spoke in humour and Trisha got it wrong. I did not speak with any intention of causing harm and with any malicious intent. I came to know that Trisha was upset because of what I had said and I too regret it." He also added " I was supposed to appear tomorrow due to my throat problem. But I am present today because of rumors in the media and social media that I have absconded."

The controversy started when Mansoor, who played a brief role in Vijay's last release ‘Leo’, said that he did not share screen space with Trisha, the heroine of the film. He also made some crude, inappropriate and misogynistic remarks about her.

Trisha, who is known for her strong and outspoken personality, did not take his comments lightly. She slammed him on her social media account, calling him “disgusting, sexist, disrespectful, misogynistic, repulsive”. She also thanked her fans and friends for their support and solidarity.

The police have recorded Mansoor’s statement and said that they will proceed with the investigation as per the law. Mansoor, on the other hand, has assured the police that he is ready to appear for the hearing anytime and give his explanation. He also said that he hopes to resolve the issue with Trisha amicably.