An IIT- Madras scholar landed in trouble after her 'Corona' prank!

While, on one hand, India has been reporting with surging up cases of Coronavirus, plunging stock markets and economy, on the other hand, the soaring high cases of the epidemic in the country has been birthing up numerous debates, buzzes, trolls, and memes across the social media platforms that either spread unproved and unrecognized preventive measures or air sarcastic messages over the spread making some to express their displeasures while others keep moving amid the severity.

In line with that, an IIT Madras scholar has pranked that she was infected with the coronavirus as part of the 'truth or dare' game that was played by her friends at the high time the nation has been combating the epidemic. The prank has later landed her in trouble after she was issued with a stern warning from the Tamil Nadu Health officials to forgo such attempts of causing panic and disturbance among the public. The reports say that the Ph.D. scholar of IIT Madras boarded a bus from Chennai to Coimbatore on Friday afternoon.

A passenger with preventive mask arrives in Chennai International Airport


After some time of her boarding, a man who was traveling on the bus had reached out to the state nodal officer and the joint director of Public Health and stated that one of his co-passengers have claimed to be tested positive for the virus. After receiving the call, the health department was alerted and called the bus driver to halt down the bus and wait until the officials arrive. With accord to the directives, the bus driver halted the bus at Melmaruvathur and waited for the officials to arrive at the spot for further investigations.

The officials reached the spot after some time and found that the passenger who claimed to be positive of the virus went missing in the bus and they inquired the passengers about their missing passenger. According to the reports, the other passengers told the officials that she asked the driver to stop the bus when it crossed Perungalathur and when the driver denied stopping the bus, she reportedly stated that she has been tested positive for the virus after which a man has called the health officials and informed them.

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After found her missing, the officials had provided the hand sanitizers to the passengers and cleared to carry on their journey. With the view of locating the scholar, the health officials traced her through the details she had provided while booking the ticket. The reports further stated that after locating her, the authorities had directed her to appear for the inquiry at the Directorate of Medical Services (DMS) office in Chennai. Initially, she refused to show up following which the officials stated that she would face criminal action if refused to appear for inquiry. 

She then showed up in the DMS office and claimed that she and her friends were playing 'truth or dare' game and her announcement of tested positive for the virus was a part of the 'dare' in their game and she pranked that she has infected with the virus. The Health officials had issued a stringent warning and she was let to walk free after she disclosed an unconditional apology.