Increase in groundwater level likely to decrease the shortage!

After witnessing series of water scarcity, the state of Tamil Nadu has been recorded with the rise of groundwater level through the monsoonal seasons that had showered the state with surplus rainfalls and the recent report from the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board had revealed the surplus water storage which replaced the shortage.



In its press release, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) has said that the water levels across the state have increased up by three meters on average. While compared to the level recorded in May which stood at the depth of 17.5m, the current level has been tapped with 14.5m in depth which had indicated the rise of water level for about three meters.

Throughout the measurements, the Vellore district has seen with a good increase in groundwater level in the state where it was recorded with a depth of 9.3m while it stood at 21.3m during May whereas Krishnagiri district had witnessed low groundwater level. As per the reports of Regional Meteorological center, the state of Tamil Nadu has received about 81.1 m of rainfall last year during when the average rainfall stood at 96m and for this year, the state has registered with 69.3 rainfall  The Chennai city had come through heavy to very heavy downpour during the tenure of southwest monsoon where the city had recorded with 58.78m rainfall against the normal rainfall of 43.96m.



Through its press release, the TWAD had stated that the board has installed about 12,568 rainwater harvesting mechanisms to retain and to preserve the groundwater. The reports say that a total of 556 water supply schemes are managed by the board and the rainfalls had increased the water level of Chennai's important reservoirs after two years. The board monitors and records the groundwater level through 1,286 wells for two times in a year -before and after the monsoonal rainfalls.