This Indian based start-up brings you the one-step process to enroll for COVID-19 vaccination!

Though the horrendous second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world to reinforce the lockdown and restrictions, the virus hasn't won and won't win in separating the people across and beyond the borders as the virtual new normal and the efforts taken by the countries to address the global crisis have kept the people in connect to share their pleasures and agonies and to get a sight of hope. 

While there have been several discoveries of vaccines from dozens of countries to treat the pandemic, there has also been an emergence of new startups concentrating and enhancing the technology to deep-root the people's connect from knowing the measures, tackling the pandemic, to receiving the vaccines without any hindrance. India is one of the notable countries to unveil the vaccination drive to vaccinate what could presently be the highest-infected populace in the world. 

With various strains of the coronavirus, the second wave is hitting India very badly every second, minute, hour, and day. The world's second most populated country is grimly closing to become the most badly-hit nation by the virus. People across the country are losing their loved ones to this deadly virus. While the governments are imposing fresh episodes of lockdowns and restrictions, they have also been concentrating to vaccinate the people. The nation has driven through the two vaccination phases with two indigenous vaccines - Covaxin and Covishield. 

Recently, the Center has announced the third phase of the vaccination drive to concentrate inoculating the doses to the people aged between 18 to 44. The third phase has come to force on May 1, 2021. Though this has been official, many hospitals in and around the states are not open to vaccinating people in this age category. The only solution to bring the situation under control is through vaccination and it has also become imperative to streamline the process of vaccination as the third phase targets India's 60% of the population. 

To facilitate this process, the Indian-based start-up company called 'Techjays' has recently launched a vaccine notification portal ( This portal enables people to search for vaccination slots based on age, district, and Pincode. This portal has been built with real-time sources from the CoWIN API. So how it works?

The portal provides a one-step notification towards the slot availability. We can enroll ourselves by providing our name, contact number, district, age group, and Pin-code to get notified whenever the slots are available at your current location. This is a great relief as one doesn’t need to visit the portal more than once or keep refreshing until the slots are available. 

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Techjays are the software building experts who have already got their footprints in the USA, Australia, and Sweden. No wonder it is one of the fastest-growing startups based in South India. ( It has its offices in Coimbatore- India, Santa Clara-United States, London - the United Kingdom, and Sydney-Australia. Let’s ensure to receive the vaccine at our chance and to step up the fight against COVID, and make everyone safe again.