It will soon become the rubber stamp for the government: Scathing words from Justice Chandru!

Justice Chandru, a retired judge of the Madras High Court, has on Monday put out scathing words against the fashion of Parliament functioning and said that the Parliament will soon become the rubber stamp for the government. Chandru was speaking at a discussion organized by the Students Federation of India (SFI) on Monday on the 29th anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition during which he made the statement and he also had touched upon the corrosion of India's secularism. 

He noted that the Parliament is not debating the bills on their enactment and revocation. He said, "Parliament passes farm bills without discussion. Farmers erupt in protest. The government repeals the bills, again without discussion. There is no debate in Parliament on issues of people's interest and the crisis faced by the masses. The way things are moving, Parliament will soon turn into a rubber stamp for the government, if it has not already." 

With no direct citation, Chandru said that the Parliament will be run from Nagpur one day. Nagpur is where the BJP's parent body RSS is headquartered. According to PTI, he further said, "In states like Tamil Nadu, observing December 6, condemning Babri demolition on this day is not allowed. This shows that the spirit of the Constitution is being violated. He also noted that the word socialism only exists on paper in present-day India. 

"If the state of affairs continues to be so, India will be bankrupt in a few years", he added and alleged that the country's ruling party has been propagating a one-nation theory instead of upholding secularism by fostering majoritarian politics. By citing the notion of some people that eggs should not be included in midday meals as it will hurt sentiments, Chandru asked "Whose sentiment are we talking about? Why should anyone dictate what should be eaten?". 

It must be noted that Justice Chandru was the inspiration for the Tamil movie 'Jai Bhim' starred by Suriya, which has garnered positive reviews and become a super hit movie across and beyond the borders. The movie was inspired by true events that happened in 1995 where Chandru, during his stint as an advocate, would take up the case of a tribal woman who fights for justice for her husband, who was tortured and killed by the police officers. 

Though he retired, Chandru continues to be a trailblazer of the judiciary and he had passed several landmark judgements including ruling about the availability of common burial grounds and he underlined that the burial grounds should be accessible by everyone regardless of caste. Chandru had a history of fighting against caste discrimination and for the rights of backward and downtrodden communities. As a judge, he had disposed of 96,000 cases. 

Most importantly, Chandru hadn't charged a single rupee while appearing for the cases related to human rights issues. He also had fought many cases on behalf of women, especially those from small towns, low-economic backgrounds, and marginalized communities. He had authored a book, titled 'Listen to My Case! When Women Approach the Courts of Tamil Nadu', which is based on his experiences. On Monday, while speaking about the Jai Bhim movie, the retired judge said that the movie has stressed the fact that literacy can liberate people.