"It’s never-ending."... Samantha to take break from cinema!

(This article is authored by Alar)

In a shocking turn of events, Samantha in an interview, offered a glimpse into the motivations behind her recent decision to step away from the demanding world of acting. The talented actress, known for her versatility and compelling performances, revealed a profound shift in her perspective, indicating a deliberate move away from the relentless pursuit of external validation.

Reflecting on her journey with Harper's Bazaar, Samantha shared, "When I went down last year, I didn’t get to move out of my house for a good amount of time. I promised myself that once I felt better, I would take a break, I would travel, I would live a little. Because 13 years of not taking a break, running a race that no one knows who’s winning and then also, winning what exactly,"

"Because once you get one blockbuster, you just want a bigger blockbuster and another best actor award. It’s never-ending. So I think taking this break also proves a point to myself that I’m not looking for external validation."

She further added, "I’m really glad that I have made that switch and am prioritizing experiencing life a little, living in the moment, and getting time to spend with people I love. And I know this is only going to make me a better actor. Experiences are the best teachers and they show in your performance."

Looking ahead, Samantha Ruth Prabhu is set to grace the screen in the Indian installment of 'Citadel,' a production premiering on Amazon Prime Video. Her collaboration with Varun Dhawan in this venture has piqued the interest of fans. Additionally, Samantha has signed on for 'Chennai Stories,' marking her debut in a foreign film. While an official announcement regarding the project is still pending, the anticipation for her international venture is steadily building.

The actress was last seen in 'Kushi,' directed by Shiva Nirvana, co-starring Vijay Devarakonda. Notably, Samantha faced personal challenges in October 2021 when she and Chaitanya Akkineni announced their separation and eventual divorce. In October 2022, she bravely revealed her diagnosis of dermatomyositis, a rare autoimmune disorder.

Samantha's decision to step back from the limelight and focus on personal well-being reflects a significant shift in her perspective, aligning with her commitment to live life authentically. As she embarks on this new chapter, fans are eager to witness her upcoming projects and the evolution of her craft.