'Jai Bhim is good and must watch, but...': A review from TN BJP Chief Annamalai!

Jai Bhim is going to hit a successful fortnight, not only as a movie, but as a story that heavily impacted society by displaying the plight of the tribal communities in fighting for justice. The movie, which is inspired by a true event that happened in 1995, was released directly on Amazon Prime on November 2 and has garnered immense welcome and positive reviews across and beyond the borders that it has become the most rated Indian film on the IMDb. 

Jai Bhim has shelved a greater reception and big triumph in its store and on the other hand, it has stirred mixed reactions from the political leaders, who had accused the movie of attacking a particular community. These accusations have come from the right-wing leaders and their affiliates and the movie team had gone to remove a scene that these leaders claimed of going against the community. Actor Suriya, whose career has earned an important breakthrough through this movie, had affirmed that no event or scene in the movie represents anyone.

Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai is a recent politician who had put out his review. While addressing the reporters on Sunday, the police officer-turned-politician claimed that the movie could have been made without hurting the sentiments of any communities. Annamalai said, "Jai Bhim is a good and must-watch movie, but it could have been taken better without hurting any communities." It is pertinent to note that several politicians, including Chief Minister MK Stalin, had welcomed the movie and Stalin gave a review that many movies like Jai Bhim should come in the future.

Last week,  Jai Bhim has received a rating of 9.6 on IMDb and such rating was always on a chase by the Tamil movies and this magnum opus has ended it successfully. Wishes have been pouring in for the movie team for touching this global feat, which displayed that the movie had a wider reach beyond Tamil. The movie was dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. Jai Bhim talks about the custodial torture and caste discrimination faced by the tribal community in 1995. 

Former Judge of Madras High Court Justice Chandru was an advocate at that time when he had courageously fought against human rights violations and this battle was related to a bleak story where a tribal woman, who belonged to the Irular community, fought in the court against the custodial torture given by the police to her husband, who would eventually die in the police custody. The movie revolves around how women from a background community endure an ordeal in fighting against injustice. 

It also has shown how the ignorance of the backward community is being used by the dominant caste people to conceal their crimes. Suriya has played Chandru in the movie and through Jai Bhim, Suriya had appeared as an advocate for the first time. Bankrolled by Suriya and Jyothika under their own banner 2D Entertainment, the movie is directed by TJ Gnanavel and while Suriya plays the lead role, Prakash Raj, Rajisha Vijayan, Lijomol Jose, Rao Ramesh, Guru Somasundaram, and Sibi Thomas had played important roles. Sean Roldan has composed the music.