Jai Bhim's effect: Actor Raghava Lawrence gives a big promise to the real Rajakannu's family!

Suriya starred 'Jai Bhim' has stirred a massive impact across the society over the distressing state of the tribal communities and their livelihood, and how their ignorance has made them more vulnerable to authoritarianism. The movie, besides being one of the everlasting pictures in the Tamil cinema, has shaken the conscience of society over the suppression imposed on the backward people and their plight for justice. 

'Jai Bhim' has released on November 2 on the Amazon Prime Video and the movie has successfully become yet another milestone for actor Suriya and it has paid enormous respect to former judge Chandru by picturizing the true event where Chandru fought for justice for the tribal community in 1995. Chandru, who was an advocate at that time, had courageously fought against human rights violations and this battle was related to a bleak story where a tribal woman, Sengeni, who belonged to the Irular community, fought in the court against the custodial torture given by the police to her husband Rajakannu, who would eventually die in the police custody. 

Rajakannu would be detained under a fake heist case and the police torture him and his relatives incessantly in the police station to confess to the crime. Due to the intense torment and brutal treatment, Rajakannu has died in the lock-up and the police had plotted a story to finish the case with the claim that Rajakannu had died in an accident after fleeing from the police station. However, his wife Sengeni (real name Parvathi) approaches the court through advocate Chandru and fights for justice. The movie revolves around the events of how Chandru proved the custodial torture and what happened to Rajakannu. 

In the movie, Suriya played the role of Chandru and Jai Bhim has thrown more light on the livelihood of the Irular community and as the movie has garnered massive welcome and reception and it also has brought out the real Parvathi, the wife of Rajakannu, who still lives in the same state like in the 90s and several media houses had covered the stories of the Irular community in their villages. In line with the coverage, Parvathi had come to light and her interview revealed more details about Rajakannu's custodial death. 

Several people from the community had appealed to the government to improve their livelihoods and provide basic facilities to run their lives. As her story has reached the masses, actor and social activist Raghava Lawrence has now given a big promise to Parvathi that he will be gifting a house to her. He shared the news on social media with a statement and wrote, "A house for Rajakannu's family." In his statement, he said that he is very saddened to know the present condition of Rasakannu's wife Parvathi, who was tortured for a crime that they didn't commit. 

"I have promised to build a house for Parvathi amma at my own expense. My heartfelt congratulations to the Jai Bhim team for bringing up the horrific incident, that happened 28 years ago, to debate in Tamil Nadu and wishes for Suriya, Jyothika, director TJ Gnanavel for making Jai Bhim as an art of excellence", Lawrence added. Several fans had commended Lawrence for coming forward with a promise of changing the livelihood of Parvathi and giving her more hope through presenting a new house. Bankrolled by 2D Entertainment, the movie is directed by TJ Gnanavel and while Suriya plays the lead role, Prakash Raj, Rajisha Vijayan, Lijomol Jose, and Sibi Thomas had played important roles and Sean Roldan has composed the music.