Janardhana Sharma's recent statement about his daughters' stint!

Self-styled godman Nithyananda has either been unearthing or been surrounded by the heated controversies and accusations that have been revolving across the country despite he fled India and built a safe haven that no one knows the location of. He has been queued up with the series of accusations including violence and harassment against women and allegedly evading the taxes for which the Central Investigative agencies have been probing the controversial godman, who himself has proclaimed as "His Divine Highness".

Recently, former Nithyananda's disciple Janardhana Sharma has ignited the fresh allegations against the godman that he reportedly abducted two of his daughters and he has approached the Gujarat court to recover the daughters and amidst the legal fight, Sharma's daughters had released the video graphic message recently in which they claim that they have been caught in life-threatening situation without the knowledge of what will happen next and added that they are not sure whether they will be alive to make the next video and their video message had poured the stir. 

                        Nithyananda - File photo


While we questioned Janardhana Sharma, he said that "the video was released during the night which had made me have a sleepless and tearful night" and stated that he approached the Gurajat court that has been probing his petition and he produced the video evidence to the Justice and added that with the directive of the court, he tabled his evidence to the Gujarat police team and he recalled that the police had received his confessions a few days back under section 164 regarding what's happening in Nithyananda's ashram. 

               Janardhana Sharma - ANI photo


Sharma has evidently confessed that Nithyananda is criminal who will go beyond any extent and said that his daughters' video was released one day after his confessions and he cited that it was the real video in which his daughters reveal the life-threatening situation and after the video went viral, another video was released in her Facebook page in which she said that her video of life-threatening message was recorded in the context long time ago. Sharma said that the two different claims had baffled him to take the case forward. He revealed that the files related to Nithyananda's sex scandals were stored on the godman's mobile phone and he had spent about Rs 4.5 crore to discard and to shred those files and cited that his battle of recovering the daughters had shaken Nithyananda's empire due to which Nithyananda will attempt to take down his daughters and it was during the high time his daughters sent a video message.

Janardhana Sharma, along with Nithyananda and his daughters - File photo


Unlike the previous episodes of Nithi's gimmicks, Sharma's daughter had never said that they were not the ones who spoke on the video which had a life-threatening message but rather they admitted that they have spoken about it in a different context long time ago. When we asked some of the godman's disciples on the sudden twist, they revealed that the case filed by Janardhana Sharma would be tabled for hearing on January 16th in Gujarat High court and if the court directs the police to arrest Nithyananda, it will enhance the currently existing blue-corner notice* to red-corner notice* and with the view of getting rid of the consequences, the scenes have been changed.

*Blue-corner notice: It helps to track individuals allegedly involved in criminal activities and suspected to be in other countries.

*Red-corner notice: It is a request to law enforcement worldwide issued by the Interpol to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action, at the request of an Interpol member country and distributed to all member countries.