Khushbu's new demand to the BJP: Will the Central ruling party fulfill it?

In a high-level political drama, actor turned politician Khushbu had occupied the spotlight in both the national parties after she had twisted the tale suddenly and bidded a farewell for the Congress party and within hours of her resignation, she got a place at her former rival, Central ruling BJP. 

Leaving the Congress leaders to shock, she had penned a scathing letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi in which she had said that leaders like her were suppressed by the senior leaders of the party who dictate terms with having no connectivity with the ground reality or public recognition. After she was speculated that she would be joining the BJP, Congress had expelled her from the post of the national spokesperson. 

Hours after she had tendered her resignation from the party, Khushbu had gone to the BJP National Headquarters in Delhi and officially joined the Central ruling party in the presence of BJP National Secretary CT Ravi, spokesperson Sambit Patra, and Tamil Nadu BJP President L Murugan. After joining the party, she said that the nation needs leaders like Narendra Modi to take it in the right direction. While she said she was happy to join the party, the BJP has now been discussing her demands that she kept to join the party. 

According to our sources, Khushubu has been negotiating with the Central ruling party behind the screens while she had strongly denied that she would be joining the BJP before the cameras. Last month, BJP had announced the list of its national office-bearers in which the party had given no representation to the leaders in Tamil Nadu and it also had removed H Raja and Muralidhar Rao from the post of National Secretary. The sources say the BJP had removed them with the view of providing the post to Khushbu as she was coming towards the BJP. 

It has been reported that Khushbu's husband and filmmaker Sundar had met BJP National President JP Nadda last month through Tamil Nadu BJP President L Murugan and the meet had the presence of the Tamil Nadu party in-charge Bupendra Yadhav and national secretary CT Ravi and following the meet, Khushbu took to Twitter and welcomed Modi's National Education Policy 2020, which was strongly opposed by the Congress party. 

After learning that she is nearing to switch side, one of the senior Congress leaders had spoken with her and assured her with the top post, as the actor turned politician was unhappy with the Congress party after her request to contest in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls was denied. After the discussion with the Congress leaders, she denied that she would be joining the BJP with the hope that she would be recognized by the Congress party. 

However, the Congress party delayed in its assurance after which Khushbu resumed talks with the BJP. The sources say she reached out to JP Nadda, Murugan, and CT Ravi in joining the party. She got the assurance from them and she was called to reach Delhi on Monday and she can officially join the party. 

During the talks, she had kept her demands to the Central ruling party that she should be given with the national post that will give her political recognition and she also had asked the BJP leaders not to restrict her within Tamil Nadu as she wishes for national politics. After she got assurance from the Central ruling party, she had officially joined the party and she met JP Nadda on Monday after she unfolded a high-level drama. 

According to our sources, the BJP leadership has been discussing about meeting her demand and the suitable post for her in the party as her induction into the party has become crucial as it has come at a high time when the state of Tamil Nadu has been preparing for the next assembly polls. Some reports suggest that she would be given a party ticket in the assembly polls in the state or she would be nominated for the Rajya Sabha from BJP.